Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Return of Buddy

It has been a very good week for volunteers, we have had 3 girls on work placements and on Friday a gentleman called Alan joined the team.Unfortunately he turned up at coffee time when all the staff congregate in our old caravan(tea room)for a break.You may ask why that is unfortunate.Well the truth is we can be quite rowdy when we are all together and are even prone to bursting into song.The last time a new volunteer was present when we started singing Bohemian Rhapsody and we never saw her again! Mind you we would never pass the audition for Britains Got Talent!" Anyhow Alan appeared to be unfazed by our eccentricity so with a bit of luck he will turn up again on Monday. He may be able to help John with handyman things and even teach him how to put on doors the correct way!!!
Photo shown here is of some of the staff enjoying the evening of Our Open Day.We do know how to party!from left to right.Gail,Rhian, Me,John and Rosie.Be careful of replying to comments John - the new blog format shows all comments! We dont want to lose followers! Be Warned.

Buddy (pictured here)a larger version of a Patterdale terrier has been returned after 2 years, he looks well but is bewildered by his return to Freshfields.He did seem to remember us though, I just hope that this time we will find him a home quicker than before(he was here over a year) and this time a permanent one. The positive outcome of his 2 years in a home is that he is so much better behaved now and I do have a good feeling that he so much more homeable.Mei says he just loves playing with a ball and is very responsive when let off the lead and called back so that is a great improvement on his past behaviour.He had come from a home where he was never ever taken for walks so naturally when I took him in, he was overexcited and unruly.

I have been checking the progress of the Cinnebar caterpillars, most seem to have vanished but there are one or two left, I am hoping to catch one in the process of turning into a moth but think my chances are more than slight.When I was in Peru I took a photo of a tree covered in caterpillars.,I never did find out what they were but it was an amazing sight(see he
They probably morphed into massive exotic coloured butterflies of which there were many flitting about.So many of our own indiginous butterflies and moths are becoming increasingly rare, a sad sign of the times and changes in our countryside.

The two gorgeous kittens who were admitted with the cross yorkshire terrier Misty, have been already reserved.Im so pleased they are going together.We do of course home single kittens but it is nicer if two go, its companionship for them and they settled down easier .I have heard some shelters in the South Of England will only home in pairs, not sure if that is true but if we did that here hardly any would find homes .

Our young ponies were at the fence gate this morning, they are always around when the staff arrive at 8pm in the hope that they will be given a nice breakfast but sadly for them the gourmet breakfast is for the older ponies only.The youngsters would become far too fat on grass AND breakfast and dinner.On the other hand the old ones need something extra to supplement their grass diet. As always Merlin our coloured Gypsy cob was pushing himself to the front and I couldn't help laughing at his upside down moustache! He has lots of feathering on his legs and this clump of hair under his bottom lip which for all the world looks like a false moustache put on upside down. He is a real character, he is so clumsy and awkward looking but for some reason that just serves to make him more appealing and we all adore him.I dont think anyone wants him to find a home, if he does there is no doubt he would be missed greatly if only for the entertainment he affords us. Mind you he may never find a home, he was born with a twisted foot(something which could have been remedied in the early stages had his owner cared enough) which makes his gait odd and him appear rather ungainly.(Not that we care!)Could not get a good photo of said moustache so will attempt again in the morning.

It has been a lovely warm sunny day today and the two pigs have thoroghly enjoyed the fresh air though once again we have to be careful of them catching the sun TOO much.Pink Pig can easily get sunburned and she is none too easy to catch if we want to put suntan cream on her.In spite of her age she can move fast when the mood takes her!Merlin too has to have suncream as his noise is pink and prone to catching the sun too easily. Trying to get a photo of his moustache was not easy, everytime I was close enough he started to follow me and backing up I almost fell into a large pile of manure. Oh, The trials and tribulations of a nature photographer!

I can almost hear people saying "dont give up the day job!"

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