Saturday, 28 August 2010


This morning I took my dogs out as usual and Molly seemed her normal self, chasing after a ball and parading around the field with it in her mouth. 2 hours later Mei went in the house to make a cup of coffee and thought Molly looked ill . Rhian and I rushed to look at her and we all thought the same thing so suspecting the dreaded Torsion as she had a swollen stomach I rushed her to the vet where she underwent an emergency operation.She survived the op only to die of heart failure shortly after. I am in total shock.She was 9 years old, a reasonable age for a Great Dane but it was so shockingly sudden and final I can barely take it in. I have had some touching messages from the girls who work here , they all know how it feels to lose a beloved dog and having lost my lovely William not long ago it is a double blow. The house does not seem the same without her massive endearing presence.

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roy said...

Hi Lesley, I was very sorry when you told me about poor Molly .You must miss her a lot. I shall miss her when I visit as she always gave me a great welcome .Very Sad Hope Shep will be OK. ROY