Saturday, 7 August 2010

Another collie found Tied to a Gate.

Today Good Neighbour Nia (yes I actually do have some!)turned up with a young but depressed looking collie female she had found tied up to a gate down a country lane, she was tied up with baling string and it was so short she was lying in her own faeces. Having tried the local farms who did not recognise her she had no option but to bring her here. My foster homes were all full but as luck would have it, shortly after she was admitted she was reserved by a Vet from Dolgellau who was searching for a youngish good natured dog she could take to work. This dog appeared ideal, she was so sweet natured and even in her fear she was tentatively wagging her tail and clearly very glad to have been rescued. She will be leaving us tomorrow and she will be having her spayed and vaccinated at her place of work. All we have to do is microchip her , we wormed her this morning and deflead her although she is in dire need of a good bath as she does not smell so sweetly.(neither do I at the end of a day here with dogs jumping all over me,cats being sick over me and as happened this morning a horse sneezing all over me! Lovely! )

This is the second dog in a week found tied up, its disgraceful, the old collie is now quite at home with my dogs so I will keep him for as long as he has some quality of life.I must think of a name for him, cant keep calling him The Old Collie. Mind you he appears to be stone deaf anyway so it will make no difference to him whatever name I choose for him!

We also admitted a kitten about 4 months yesterday, a stray(or abandoned?) and once again a newcomer has been reserved.He will be leaving us later today.Its strange how this happens sometimes.They come in and they go out almost immediately and yet others remain here for ages. Its just a matter of luck and timing I suppose. For them and us its good news and a morale booster when animals find homes quickly.
I received a call about a hedgehog with a broken leg and sent the finder to the Vet we use so he could have treatment(either a splint or if leg very badly smashed up an amputation) I was very sad to hear that the poor hedgehog died under the anaesthetic.Some you win ,some you lose but it is always sad when even with our help a wild animal is lost.So often the shock takes its toll.

As you can see from the photo here the cats know their dinner time and as soon as the dinner lady for the day opens the cattery door they beging to congregate.Today was Sues turn to feed, Sue who has been a volunteer here for a few years has taken over Barbras shift, early morning and the afternoon feeding session. I love watching them as they gather round. Jimmy Ginge the dog hater is in the far right corner. He still hates other animals but seems to have found his place in the pecking order here and has settled down happily.He is the boss cat and thats the way he likes it.He is such an affectionate old cat and such a character.

Marge who is a trustee of the charity and lives in Liverpool had been asking me about Charley Patch the 10 years old Jack Russell . This is his name because I mistakenly thought he was called Patch and it was 8 months before I was advised that his name was in fact Charley. I have given a home to him because his owner had died on Merseyside and Marge knew he was about to be destroyed because nobody would take him.Thank you Marge, I know why now!! Of course i could not see him come to an untimely end but he IS a little b....r. I could not resist taking this photo of him on his eternal scavenging hunt for extra food(as if he doesnt have enough) This time he stuck his head too far into the box and stood immobile until I went to rescue him. Was he pleased with my intervention? No, he growled ferociously as though it was MY fault he had ended up in such an undignified position. He is an independent little dog who accepts a fuss when he requires one, at other times, keep away.I have now learned this as I have also learned to not go near him when he is in his basket.That is HIS territory and nobody but nobody goes near.Now he has established that he is the boss of the house, he is extremely happy(unlike me!) So if you read this Marge, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will be eternally grateful to you for landing me with this dear little dog!!!!!!!
Actually I am rather fond of him, he is such a great character and so full of life he deserves to live it happily even if it is at my expense!

With losing dear William and the two Maggie Marthas I now only have Charley Patch and little Suzy yorkie who is now 15 .(pictured here asleep on the sofa)in the living room .sorry that pic is uposide down, .I miss them all dearly but I am starting to realise that it is nice to have a bit of space to myself .

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