Monday, 16 August 2010

Week of the Jack Russell.

At this mornings teabreak lots of ideas were thrown about from the staff regarding ways to bring in some extra funds and some were very good. One idea (from John)is that we have a few vintage cars on display at next Open Day and ask the Fire Brigade to turn up with a fire Engine.More importantly though is to have some fundraisers NOW. Rosie suggested a sponsored dog walk and with that in mind I set to and have organised two dates for our fundraising calendar(well actually we didn't have one but we do now!)

We will be having a Sponsored Dog Walk on Sunday 19th September with refreshments available at the end of the walk..It will begin here at the shelter at 11am so heres hoping people will join in and get sponsorship for the day.Then October 15th we will be having a coffee morning and cake sale at The Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog. 11am -2pm and we will also be holding a fundraiser at the shelter for Halloween on 31st October.I have not managed to organise anymore than the date for that at the moment so lots of work to do for that event.I am thinking of halloween Fancy Dress and duck apples, prize for the best Pumpkin and things like that.A Tarot card reader would be great too if I can find one. I still have not managed to find anyone to take over the organisation of fundraisers and in all honesty this type of thing does not come easy to me, in fact it gives me a very big headache!Nevertheless with the financial situation this year getting worse by the month there is no choice but to get the old brain into gear and think of ways to improve our income.For the Halloween event I will be picking on the younger and more efficient brains of Helen the manager of the Liverpool shelter who is a far better organiser than I could ever hope to be.

Rosie is fostering another dog, this time a young Jack Russell whose owner gave me 2 days to find somewhere for his pet.I have not seen him yet but she will be bringing him in to work tomorrow so I can take his photo and start to look for a home for him.It must be 'get rid of Jack Russell'! time.I have had calls about 6 of these dogs just in the past few days and all young and nice natured.I dont usually hear of many small dogs, we usually are asked to rehome collies and larger breeds.The reasons for parting are a couple of 'other dogs dont get on with it' one 'divorce and cant cope',one 'moving and unable to take', one 'jealous of new baby' and one 'moving house tomorrow'. We have such a disposable culture, there is never any embarassment at using these reasons, they seem to think it is the norm to get rid of the family pet when things become difficult. I do think that when dogs are fighting there is a valid reason for parting but since when did moving or splitting up mean you had to get rid of the family pet? Everyone I know has had changes of circumstance in their lives and none(including me) have taken this course of action.As the saying goes - wheres there a will theres a way. Not ALWAYS true but most times it is.

Lucy the 10 years old Jack Russell cross who is in the office most of the time has become very endearing to us all but I worry that the right home will not come along for her. She can be erratic with people she does not know but with me and the other staff she is lovely and no trouble at all.,If only a retired and sensible lady would turn up for her, someone who would understand that she needs to be watched around strangers.This dog has so much love to give and is such a joy to take out, it is not right for her to spend her life here.Pictured here, she loves to play with balls and is more like a youngster than most youngsters.

I managed to identify the species of caterpillar I saw in Peru by finding an interesting(well interesting to Bug enthusiasts like me)website called Whats That Bug?My caterpillars turn into butterflies called Morphus Telemachus! What surprised me is that they were not that exotic looking and not nearly as attractively marked as the caterpillars.So now you know and no doubt like Mei you are currently rolling your eyes to the heavens in boredom at my Geekiness.Well I'll have you know I was not always a geek, in fact I was an ardent nightclubber and trendsetter in the late sixties ,early seventies and I believe my friend and I were the first to be seen wearing hotpants in Liverpool Nightclubs.Not quite what one would hope for as a claim to fame is it?One thing I do remember is that being vegetarian in those days really made me feel like an outcast especially amongst the clubbers with whom I mixed. I often felt I did not fit in and only felt I had found my niche in life when I started the rescue and discarded my fashion clothes for Anoraks and wellies.

Actually that is not totally true as I'm afraid I still remain a fashion victim - I just dont have much opportunity to get dressed up ,after all it is far from ideal wearing Jimmy Choos to muck out stables!
(Re posh shoes comment - poetic license, I have never owned a pair and they are always leather anyway which I will not wear for ethical reasons)

By the way new volunteer Alan failed to turn up today so maybe he found us not to his liking!

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Re-Alan, I blame John!!!