Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Rottweiller urgently needs a foster home and Sadie leaves us.

No news yet of the 4 at risk dogs in Abersoch.
Sadie collie had loads of people wanting her after she appeared on the website and has gone to a home in Cheshire but there were several nice people willing to travel from the South Of England for her. Longhaired black and white collies, especially the females are so popular and if they are young also they are very much in demand.Amazing isnt it, one minute she is on death row at a dog pound, the next minute she is almost being fought over! Frightening too that she and Pepsi pup had come to the end of their time there. My niece Vanessa took a pound dog a year ago and he is adored by the whole family, yet this loveable staffordshire bull terrier was just one of many due for destruction.I receive regular emails from a marvellous group who are called Southwestanimal Protection, they help rescues with difficult animal problems by sending out appeals nationwide but sometimes it can be distressing reading of all the dogs on death Row, most of which tend to be staffs.As I have mentioned before they receive a very bad (and mostly unfounded) press.As I am in the middle of writing this a phone call came through from a lady trying desperately to rehouse 3such dogs and sadly I was unable to help. As I have to mainly rely on foster homes the type of dog I can help is limited to those good with other dogs and nothing too big.One dog was a young frightened Rottweiller and my heart really went out to him and his plight but I have to face that I cannot help them all, a fact which constantly upsets me.I WANT to save them all. Perhaps someone who reads this blog may have a friend or relative who likes Rottweillers and would foster this poor dog for a short time until a home could be found. If so please ring Andrea on 01257 412973.In the meantime I too will keep trying.
Mei and I went to take some hay and feed to our 3 horses in their summer home in Caernarfon, they are looking well but there is not too much grass left for them now so they will have to come back to us fairly soon.I would say that they will be fine for another two weeks and then we will need to organise transport back to the shelter.Buster is too big for our small trailer so we will have to pay for him to be moved but we should be able to collect Callie and Freddie ourselves.
The lady came to see our ponies and is interested in Melba and Marigold so I have to arrange for a homevisit as soon as possible.

ps: Shani the potbellied pig will be arriving this week.

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