Friday, 27 August 2010

Will Minnie and Georgie Girl find another Home?

It has been a beautiful day today and it seems to have brought everyone out and visiting the shelter.Its typical that when that happens there are hardly any staff in to help deal with everything. I had wanted to type up the minutes I took at the Trustee Meeting but there was not a chance of that happening today.It was just one of those days, not just with visitors but the telephone never stopped ringing and every time I ran in to answer it, the line went dead.How frustrating is that?It is on the longest ring but I still never seem to make it on time.How lovely it would be to afford a full time office worker to deal with calls and other time consuming jobs.
A lady from Liverpool came up with her family and brought up 2 home made but very sturdy and effective cat traps which her dad Tommy had made. I have known Tommy for many years having first met him when he contacted Freshfields in Liverpool over a cat problem he had. He still supports and helps Freshfields whenever he can and has donated cat traps to the Liverpool shelter also. A bought cat trap costs around £80 so I am very grateful to him for his time building these for us. We are always being asked to help with feral cat colonies in this area and we are so short of good cat traps. An extra two will make a big difference.
This morning another supporter came up to weatherproof our field shelters but he decided to start on the office, he finished the first coat on that and started on one of the shelters.It is a great morale boost when we receive help like this, and he is returning next tuesday to do some more work. Brilliant - unless he decides that the atmosphere of chaos and bedlam today was too much to bear!
We lost an old cat today, Sue took him to the vet after he collapsed in the conservatory. Old Jonesy was one of two elderly cats abandoned in Caernarfon and we knew he would not be with us too long but at least he enjoyed his 6 months of life with us.He was a dear cat and I am always sad to lose an animal but he was ancient and he ended his life in a place where he was cared for and I am glad he was not still scavenging on the streets to survive.I hope that does not make me sound callous but if I was dissolving in tears at every loss I would be unable to carry on.As it is enough does make me cry but usually for those I am unable to help or those who have been with me for so long they have become part of the family.
There have been two reservations for kittens and yesterday an adult cat went out to a home.The adult cats have been very slow to go.Then today another adult cat was chosen, Dylan is a middle aged cat and although very friendly and loving his age put people off. I was so pleased when the young couple who were looking round the cattery decided to give him a home. The young mans grandparents are great supporters of this shelter and it was clear he had inherited their love of animals.

There is someone local interested in giving a home to 2 of our shetland ponies and Rosie is going round to do a homevisit.If it is suitable we have a choice of either Sam and Bobby(both need special care for their laminitis) or Minnie and Georgie.(Minnie is on left of photo)Minnie has come on in leaps and bounds from her Terrified of Humans Time and of course her daughter Georgie will not be parted from her. The person in question may not be suitable for Sam and Bobby but either way it look as though we may have 2 leaving us soon. Yet another home has been offered to Shane who was a pony I thought would stay here forever due to his laminitis but the interested person already has Dylan from us and has done wonders with him. Both ponies came from the same home where they were neglected. A home where they can receive gentle but regular exercise is by far the best option for them and I am surprised and delighted that they are happy to take on another. I am trying to find someone to help me with a home visit in Frodsham, for Marigold and Melba, perhaps tomorrow I will try a local animal shelter.We all try our best to help one another with this type of thing. Its so different now to how it was when I first started, there was nobody to help at all 30 years ago. The network of animal rescuers all over the Uk is just amazing and it is as it should be, all working together for the good of the animals which need our help so badly.
Our 2 work experience girls left today and we will miss their help, both girls Sadie and Becky have been a tremendous help, willing and enthusiastic and good workers.If only all work experience students were the same.Becky lives in the Midlands and has been staying with grandparents so,it is unlikely she will return but we hope to see Sadie again when she has time to volunteer, perhaps the occasional weekend. She will be welcome any time.
Veronica bookeeper is off this week and oh how I miss her in the office. Her gentle manner and her humour make her a favourite with us all, I really have no idea how I managed without her. Veronica is very intelligent but has been known to do and say some very silly things eg: we had 2 puppies in the caravan with us one teabreak and we were all saying which one we liked best.When Veronica was asked she thought about it for a moment and then looking at the two of them sitting side by side, she said"I like the one in the middle"!!!! Work that one out if you can.

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