Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bunnies Galore.

Today we admitted five unwanted baby rabbits, they are 8 weeks old and were born to a domestic rabbit allowed to run free in the garden.That in itself is great, I was delighted to hear thatMum was not one of those sad lonely bunnies kept in a hutch all day and that she is to be spayed to prevent further litters.The trouble is that Mum was mated by a wild rabbit visiting the garden and now there are five little babies to find homes for.

Tangy(the lopeared one) and Speckles , the father and son buns are still with us, there has been no interest so far in these two and now they have a female companion also. Phoebe,( a lovely black and white speckly ) unlike the mother of the babies WAS one of those sad lonely rabbits incarcerated daily and forgotten and ignored by the children who once clamoured for a pet and no doubt hassled their parents until they gave in to their wishes. Little Phoebe is now enjoying life with friends of her own kind and the three have been getting along really well. It would be lovely for the three pals to be homed together but if not we will ensure Phoebe finds a home with another rabbit.

So we now have 8 Beautiful Bunnies to place in kind homes, now where do I find those homes? I think it is time for another publicity exercise.I will try the newspapers tomorrow and do some rabbit posters to place around the area. I feel they are often the forgotten pets, there is little in the media about them and yet they are frequently maltreated and kept in unsuitable conditions. Over the years, loads have been abandoned outside and close to the Liverpool shelter, many in dreadful condition and they always have pens full of these animals. Our facilities here do not lend themselves to rabbit rescue but we do have a good sized pen for a few at any one time, as long as they are same sex, neutered and get on well. The five youngsters are in a shed but this is fine for now but once they grow it will be inadequate so homes must be found fairly quickly.
The abandoned collie has gone off happily with her new owner - Vet Nuala who has already named her Cara and Old Collie in House also now has a name - Bramble. Mei thought of the name when he disappeared and was found in amidst the brambles in my (overgrown) garden struggling to find a way out.Poor fellow.Anyhow he is now Bramble and he is here to stay.Next week I plan to take him back to the Vet for a really thorough examination so we know exactly how he stands regarding his long term health.
One last thing, Busters people have passed their homecheck so he also will be leaving the care of Freshfields.Altogether it has not been a bad weekend at all.

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