Tuesday, 17 August 2010

2 more unwanted and unappreciated dogs and a vicious rumour

A horrid trip to the dentist today, on the way home I popped in to our charity shop in Caernarfon and gave Roy The Manager a sponsored dog walk poster to put in the window.He said it had been a quiet day but the shop is still trebling its income after we moved from the shop next door to this one.Amazing how a change of location can make all the difference.

The little dog Rosie is fostering is a very dainty and feminine looking dog for a Jack Russell (see here)and we all wonder could he be crossed with a whippet?Anyhow he is a sweet friendly little man, unbelievably his owner who had told me he was moving today had only had Tommy for 2 weeks!!Am I the only one wondering why he obtained a dog in the first place if he was planning to move!Then we have another dog whose delightful owner had just shut him in the yard and did not even know when she fed him last!! Thankfully for his sake someone intervened, someone who was as horrified as I was at this womans attitude and this really beautiful dog now has a chance of a decent home where he will be truly appreciated.Apparently when he was a puppy the family were all over him but as he grew bigger the interest waned until eventually at just 10 months of age he became surplus to requirements. .I have heard similar tales so many times and it still has the effect of making me so very angry.Pictured here is Rocco enjoying a run in the fields and bounding through the grass.I think he is a german shepherd crossed with a border collie.He is bigger than a collie but has a similar coat. He is certainly not missing his old home thats for sure.We have a foster home lined up for him .

As I write this with great concentration dear little Lucy has taken advantage of my focus being away from her and to amuse herself has ripped open a binbag which I was using to tidy up the office and now the office is like a bombsite and 10 times worse than it was before I started tidying.Thanks Lucy.I really needed something extra to do tonight.

We have had a cat diagnosed with FIV, she is in isolation until either a home can be found or she can be moved to the Liverpool shelter where she can mix in a pen with other FIV positive cats.This brings me to a rumour which has been spread by someone whose identity I am very close to discovering! This person mentioned to a Cats Protection League member who repeated it at a meeting of said charity that we were overrun with cats with aids and to advise people not to obtain a cat from here. I was livid as you can well imagine.Yes we do have an occasional FIV positive cat, all cat shelters do. We have had maybe a dozen diagnosed since I moved here 7 years ago and all are immediately isolated and have been found suitable homes.One kind lady in Lampeter fostered some for us and fell in love with them so decided to give them a permanent home with her.Others went to the Liverpool shelter and were found homes. Hardly overrun. Unless they are visibly poorly, they do not have to be destroyed, as I have mentioned on previous blog entries, provided they do not mix with other cats they can live happily for many years without succumbing to the full blown disease. Frankly the chances of a neutered FIv cat passing it on to another is actually quite slim.An Australian vet I met once told me how shocked he was at the policy over here of destroying these cats,in Australia they neuter them and release them.(the ferals ) Usually we can identify those cats who may be FIV positive due to their inability to gain weight and the general poor condition. To the best of my knowledge all but the one mentioned of the cats we have currently at the shelter are healthy and FIV free. What makes people start these damaging rumours?Pictured is Sparky an FIV cat homed successfully 4 years ago.

The photo of Rocco is not out of focus, there is a mist hanging over the property and has been most of the day.At least its stopped raining though there are black clouds gathering which look ominous.

Tomorrow I have another appointment to look forward to - the dreaded B12 injection for my pernicious anaemia.If I was not starting to feel lightheaded and tired all the time I would for two pins postpone it but I know I cannot put it off for another week. I doubt I will get much sleep tonight worrying about it. Its a nightmare or as Rhian would say "its all such a ghastly nightmare!"(tongue in cheek)

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