Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Better Day today

Well I am still reeling from the shock of losing Big Moll but as always happens when things become hard to bear,things happen to lift one up.

Remember how I had been trying desperately to home 2 cats Precious and Magic aged 14 years and 9 years.Well all my efforts seemed wasted, my special posters and appeals brought nothing until today. Today their story touched the hearts of visitors who have not only reserved them but also another cat called Becky who was destined to stay here for a long time. They arrived and asked for cats nobody else wanted. When this happens and it only rarely does happen, it is like having a Birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. It brightens up the whole day and oh how we needed that today. It truly lifted our spirits.

Then Roy arrived with a couple who had travelled from Birmingham to see Shep the unwanted Farm collie who was taken to the vet to be destroyed. They are having him and came to fill in the adoption forms. I have no doubt he will be fine and he has another rescued dog as a companion. Shortly after they left we were visited by Emma the volunteer who gave a home to Jimmy Patterdale, he looked wonderful, his scars have almost healed and he looks like a different dog to the battle scarred terrier he once was. Emma says all he wants to do is lie on his back to be cuddled and everyone gives a big Ahhhhhh when they see her travelling on the bus with him lying in her arms with his eyes shut .

A stray 'pup' was admitted who turned out to be a full grown German Shepherd.After my initial feeling of panic wondering where he could go, I decided to try him with the big dogs in the house and he has made himself at home.He does have on a chain collar but is not in the peak of condition so I am unsure if he will be claimed or not. One of the problems we have in this area is that when the dog warden is not working (at weekends and evenings) the nearest out of hours kennels are not exactly on the doorstep and most people who find strays are not willing to travel an hour or more to take it there. We really do need a rescue kennels in this area.
Also now in our care is Pippa a sweet little Jack russell whose owner was having another child and no longer wanted her in the house. She likes children and is a very affectionate little dog. I cannot imagine her being homeless for very long. I wish I could say that for Tess, a middle aged Staffordshire bull terrier whose number was up at a dog pound locally.I would not trust her with cats or young children but she is very loving with adults and she looks so depressed - we know she has been passed about from home to home and finally left unclaimed in the pound.All she wants is to be fussed and loved and I just dont know how we will find her a suitable home. I can only hope that someone nice will turn up and she will fit their criteria.Am I hoping for a miracle?
Helen(Liverpool manager) and I are always trying to think of new ways to raise funds and this time I think Helen has come up with a good one. Christmas puds! We buy in bulk, have our own labels on them and hopefully they will sell well and we make a profit. The company have an award winning recipe and they are not only delicious but are suitable for vegetarians also. We will be selling them in some of our shops from mid - late October and there will be a chocolate one for those who dislike the traditional pudding. My own success story this year has been simple cotton shopping bags with animal pictures on the front. Trish who runs the Porthmadog shop has been running out of them as quickly as she gets them. The bags show various dog breeds, cats and horses and all are selling very well . I will try them in the LLandudno shop next.I think it is mainly tourists who buy them and its coming to the end of that season. I dont know how well they will sell to local people , but its worth a try.
Another day is coming to a close and it has not been bad at all, my heart feels less heavy and I have a new house dog to care for.

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