Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Mundane sort of Day.

I hope everybody likes the new format, please please please , dont complain,I really can't face messing about with it again. It took me ages to change it over to this and after so long on the computer my eyes were starting to cross!Therefore all complaints about it will be duly ignored.
Well the ferret did not turn up , we had made a place ready for him but no phone call came to say it was not needed.Typical.I hope a nice home was found and that is the reason he failed to contact me back again.
Both terriers are now spoken for, Rosie and Jim have been reserved and will be collected next Thursday, they are no trouble, very quiet little dogs which is unusual for terriers which are generally rather noisy. Certainly Charlie Patch could take a leaf out of their book! He is constantly barking at the window to annoy Molly Great Dane when she is in the garden (and she does get annoyed!) but it is all bravado because I take him out with the big dogs and Molly just has to look at him and he backs off.Not so with Old Ben collie , he will have a go at him if given the chance so I have to be careful not to cause jealousy or Charlie Patch will take it out of Ben who is too frail to be bullied.Walking them is an art and has to be done so there is no friction between the dominant male and the old resident collies of whom Bramble is now one. People with multiple dogs will no doubt understand this and empathise.It is why I split the dogs in then house.The big ones have established a pecking order but hate cats, then the living room houses the smaller and the cat friendly ones.I have 2 cats Poots and Holly No ears(who sleeps with me)Poots is old and grumpy(bit like me)and Holly is blind in one eye as well as having lost her ears some years ago from a degenerative disorder.Poots is very aloof but Holly is the opposite, always craving attention and is so loving and gentle. We failed to find either of them homes so they became permanent residents

Most of the resident cats live outside either in the conservatory or in their "cat houses" but certain one sneak in when they have a chance.The most likely to do this are Tiny Tim a big black ex feral cat who seems to enjoy my company(sad creature!) and Toots a dainty small ex feral, also black.Both cats appear to be happy in the conservatory but from time to time they decide they would like some human company and thats when they sneak in though they seldom stay in for any great length of time. Pictured here are Poots and Holly who was annoyed at being disturbed whilst sleeping in the top of the wardrobe!
Last Friday my blog entry included a short tale of the time I belonged to Sea Shepherd and went to Ireland to help save the seals inCounty Mayo .How strange was it that a few days later I received an email from someone whom I met on that very same campaign and have not heard from in over 25 years and he had not even seen the blog.Life can be very strange!
Sorry this entry is not the most exciting, some days are very mundane, nothing happens but the daily routine, cleaning and feeding, feeding and cleaning!Oh and telephone answering and dealing with problems for people who ring and call here and paying bills or rather working out which are the most urgent to pay.(Would that all the bills could be paid )and of course there is filing and letter answering and dog walking, checking and replying to emails and all the usual office stuff which goes on. Just an average day in the life of......
Now and again people ask me for advice on starting up an animal rescue and they have no idea of the background work which goes on.When I started this I too had no idea of all the paperwork and red tape, health and safety issues, employment matters ,forms to fill etc that would go with the work. I thought rescuing animals was the only thing I would have to do, how wrong I was ? Its hard to explain to people without sounding as though I am trying to put them off by sounding negative but the reality is that rescuing the animals is only a small part albeit the most important part of shelter work and not many people are prepared to have visitors turning up on their doorstep at all hours of the day and night. (human and animals though personally I dont mind the animals!)
Mundane day is coming to a close and tomorrow I will be going to the LLandudno shop with a car full of goodies for them to sell. Next entry will be at the weekend.Good night.

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