Tuesday, 3 August 2010

We lose a valued member of staff to Bonny Scotland.

We are all suffering from Open Day aftermath, lots of clearing up still being done, everyone is tired and feeling a bit of an anti climax. We thought today things would be quiet but in fact it has continued to be hectic.The office is like a bomb site and Veronica and I have been desperately trying to create some space. In the midst of all this we have admitted a young kelpie found tied up to a gate in the middle of nowhere which Roy has agreed to foster , an old collie found on the bypass to Porthmadog which has joined my dogs in the house. He appears to have had a stroke, his head tilts to one side and he is stone deaf .To be perfectly honest he does not appear to me to have any hope of a good quality of life, he is standing staring at the kitchen wall which is a typical sign of senility in a dog.I will keep an eye on him for a few days but his health is of some concern to me at the moment.

A lovely ginger kitten was taken into the vet yesterday and brought here today having been found abandoned but the lucky little chap has already been reserved. Thats the way I like it.

(isnt that the title of a song?)

Yesterday Barbra left us after living here for two years, she has gone to work in Scotland in a non animal related job, she felt working with animals was not her forte and wanted to try something different so we wished her well and gave her a good send off. This work does not suit everyone and she gave it a good shot , she will be missed in many ways so if you read this Barb, good luck once again and hope you enjoy Fort William and the magnificent countryside in Bonny Scotland.Barbra was the main person who dealt with the rescue last year of the 1,000 pet mice,she worked so hard making cages and driving them to homes and other rescues all over the Uk. I hope we dont have anything quite so difficult to deal with again, it was no easy task.(she is pictured here with some of the rodents she helped)

Veronica has now counted the sum taken on Sunday and it looks as though we have made £1,500 after the expenses of the day are taken out.Next year I am aiming for £2,000 so it will be a case of us all putting our heads together to come up with new ideas or expanding and improving the current ones.I also want to organise a coffee morning and cake sale for october at the Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog and will be happy to hear from anyone willing to take the organisation over from me. We really need to keep having these events to bring in an extra income. The shops alone do not cover our daily expenses.

The photo is of the two terriers which have been left unclaimed. I am now advertising them for homes, I think they might be best homed seperately because Rosie is very dominant with Jim.She is the boss, no doubt about it.(A woman after my own heart!)
Terriers are not my favourite breed, especially the working types like Patterdales and Borders but I must say these two are loaded with personality and Jim the black cross patterdale is an absolute poppet, he likes nothing more than lying in the arms of someone and falling asleep.(A MAN after my own heart!)

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