Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sorrell arrives and settles in well.

9 years old Sorrel has arrived, (see photo of Bobby staring at his new friend in admiration)) the journey must have been stressful for her, she was sweated up and trembling when she arrived but I have just been to see her in the barn where we are keeping her until she has been fully wormed.She has Shane and Bobby to keep her company and she now seems perfectly content munching away at the hay and clearly comfortable with her new found friends. The hernia is incredibly large and as she is so young perhaps there may be a possibility of having it removed at some time in the future although we would need to organise a special nationwide appeal.These operations do not come cheap.I imagine it would cost a couple of thousand!At the moment she is unconcerned with it so it will be a case of keeping a careful watch over it in case it grows any more.

In connection with my last blog in which I told the tale of Sorrels misfortune, I have received an outraged email from someone claimimg to be a friend of Sorrels owner. It seems I am lacking in compassion and her friend is a wonderful person who rescued Sorrel out of pity, she wanted to make no profit from her (impossible as the horse is worthless in terms of profitability) etc etc. I also need to keep my thoughts to myself when writing my blog!! As I told her in my reply if her friend was so kind why did she even set off for the slaughterhouse? Why did she breed from her happily until the hernia put paid to any more money making foals? The writer 'Pat' also is anxious to tell me that under no circumstances must I pass Sorrel on to a home for breeding! Thanks for that advice Pat, I really needed it.What planet is she on? Perhaps The Planet of HORSE OWNERS TO WHOM RESCUE IS A CONCEPTION NOT UNDERSTOOD!' Amazing though it may be to some, horse rescue organisations are not anxious to breed yet more unwanted equines, that is left to others of a different mindset. We do, however ,regularly pick up the pieces of indiscriminate breeding or of 'damaged goods' as we have with Sorrell. As for the content of my blog - it is about my life at the shelter and my feelings and thoughts and it will continue to be so. Truth does not always sit comfortably with those who are at the receiving end of my ire but that is their problem, not mine. I would like to add also that I have tremendous empathy with the good people who are forced to part with beloved pets through no fault of their own and horse owners like Christine Clarke whose 4 ponies we admitted a few years ago has become a good friend and also a wonderful supporter and fundraiser for Freshfields.
Now after I have got that out my system, what else has happened today? Well Luca has gone to be neutered and also Dappy (Roys foster dog) and Lockie a big, big black labrador whose owner could no longer cope with exercising him.Both Lockie and Dappy have potential homes waiting.Lockie is overweight and very strong but in just a few days with Rhian , he is already walking better and is less of a handful, he just needed regular exercise. My next door Nice Neighbour Nia has found a Patterdale terrier which she brought to show me today.he may yet be claimed and she will hang on to him a bit longer . He is a nice little dog, apparently good with cats and chickens!Unusual for that breed. Another person came with a white German Shepherd found yesterday, she is in season but in reasonable condition so may yet be claimed.If not I have someone interested, someone who has just lost a white GSD.
Gill collies' new owner came to visit her and he will be taking her back to France tomorrow so I need to get her documents/passport together ready for his arrival and finally I received Mollys ashes back from the pet crematorium, it cost £290! Gulp! The delivery man was as expected very gracious and sympathetic. one hour later he was on the phone demanding immediate payment. Call me contrary, I will make him wait until tomorrow!
Peter had to return one of the kittens he took as she was not so well, sneezing etc so.She seemed fine when he took her but of course the trauma of being moved can sometimes set something off which was incubating already. We will keep her till she gets better and he will have her back.Unfortunately it looks like we have an outbreak of cat flu beginning so we cannot take in or rehome any kittens until this is cleared. We have been quite lucky so far this year but it is inevitable taking in strays that sooner or later one will bring in a virus of some sort. All we can do is put a stop to movement to and from the kitten room and start a course of antibiotics with those affected.
I am going to check on Sorrell again, make sure she is ok. Another day almost over.Apart from the email aggravation mentioned earlier it has been beautiful weather today and therefore I was in my element - I think I may even have caught the sun a little. It doesnt take much to make me happy! I am a woman of simple pleasures!
PS: went to check on new horse, she must be riddled with worms,it is a long time since I have seen a horse pass so much. Mei said she asked the woman who brought her when she was last wormed and was told that she wormed her horses in July but wasnt sure if Sorrel had been done.Well she definitely was not wormed, the worm burden she has been carrying is appalling and if she has been grazing her on the same fields as her other horses, the fields will be badly infected by now.


gillwool said...

Good for you tell em !!!

lesley said...

thanks for support, had yet another email castigating me for my comments so was feeling pretty low and wondering whether in fact I should write my personal thoughts.Anyhow I have had so much support I feel more positive today and I will not be made to feel that I am the wicked heartless one!Thanks again.