Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Scooby Whippet 'writes a letter' !

It has been nothing but torrential rain here, the fields are already becoming waterlogged.Last year we had ditches dug to improve the drainage but when it rains like this for days on end the ditches overflow. What a relief that the three horses came back a few days ago,just in time for the big weather change. They are all now rugged and have shelter if they wish. It is time to start ordering the big bales of haylage, soon all the horses and ponies will need supplementary food in order to keep their weight up through the winter months ahead of us.We need to put up a cover of some sort in which to store these bales safely and so that the horses cannot rip them open, We have lost haylage when they do this because it goes off quickly once opened ; if we have a warm spell it deteriorates and dries out very quickly. Another job I think for Handymen John and Dave. It will take priority over most of the other jobs which need doing round the property.Anyone who lives on a smallholding will know that there is always something in need of repair, as soon as one job is done, something else breaks down or needs repair.It is never ending but life is seldom dull and NEVER boring.
We gave shelter to a stray labrador cross pup yesterday whose owner has claimed him -they will collect tomorrow. He was wearing no collar and was not microchipped.We will microchip him before he leaves us, I would hate to see this pup go missing again and not be so fortunate next time . There have been lots of calls today from people wanting to part with pets, a 6 years old yellow labrador is one dog needing help, 3 more farm collies, a Mastiff and a neglected middle aged crossbreed. A lady from bangor is bringing in a stray mother cat and her kitten and help is needed with a feral cat which has had kittens in a garden. It is so helpful if people do not give ultimatums and are willing to work with us when we try to find space, none of these were difficult to deal with which makes a refreshing change from those who demand IMMEDIATE action which is not always possible and makes our work so stressful.
Nunu one of the ginger cats admitted recently has been reserved but it is very quiet on the cat rehoming front. Where are all the cat lovers? At this time of year it is usually much busier.Is something happening to keep them away? do cat lovers not like going out in the rain?Have cats, unknown to me stopped being the No 1 favourite household pet or has someone surrepticiously opened another cat shelter in the area.(I wish that were true, what a help that would be)Time for the old positive thinking again.I will endeavour to will them here! It would help if I could put some time aside to update our cat homing page on the brilliant catchat website. Thats decided then, it will be my first job for tomorrow.
If anyone is interested and would like to support us ,there is a fundraising coffee morning /table top sale this saturday near Barmouth.For more information ring our Porthmadog shop for details 01766 512343.
That reminds me - that there is a 3 legged cat to pick up from there, he was taken in to the charity shop a few days ago and temporarily housed in one of our spare rooms above the shop. I must try and find time this week to collect him, maybe Friday if nothing else urgent happens and my plans have to be changed
I have been worried about a dog missing in Caernarfon, he belongs to a sometimes homeless man who is often taken into custodyby the Police , leaving his dog without anyone to care for it. His last dog disappeared and I am worried that this one will come to a sticky end especially as I have also been informed that he has been seen recently abusing the dog.(only hearsay)It is one of those cases where it is an ongoing problem but not bad enough to warrant the RSPCA removing his animals from him. I am hoping that the dog has been found and is safe,I do so wish people like him would not keep pets though in fairness I know there are homeless people who adore their dogs and it would be wrong to tar them all with the same brush. I recall years ago receiving a newsletter from an established animal shelter in the South of England, the proprietor Miss Raymonde Hawkins(now deceased) was defending her decision to allow a homeless man a dog. In her words, this man adored his dog, he was fed well and loved and he had human company 24 hours a day, was never left lonely and bored or chained up in a garden somewhere. What more could a dog want? To add weight to her argument she featured a photograph of the gentleman in question with his beloved dog and a happy couple they looked too. I see her point though being brutally honest I am unsure how I would feel about it myself. We all want the best for our rescued animals and rightly or wrongly I think I would feel I could do better! Am I wrong here? Its a difficult one and I am the first to agree that sometimes the 'poshest ' of homes is not always the best from a dogs point of view.

Jack the jack russell pictured here is the dog from the owner who abused him, he is settling well in his temporary home and there is someone interested in him already. It would be nice if he went soon, I always feel bad for these dogs which start to enjoy life in their foster homes and then have to be moved on. It has to be that way but if they can go before they start to get their 'feet under the table' it is nicer for them. I am starting to feel that way about Jim Collie in the house, he is so happy with my dogs Meg and Ben, he gets in Megs basket with her and she does not always like new dogs either.He really has settled down with me but I dont want to keep a young dog which is easy to place in another home when I could offer a place to an old animal nobody else wants.
Veronica Book-keeper has just told me that today has been total Chaos and to put that on my blog! So there you have it IT IS CHAOS today. Sometimes we have days where there is so much going on and so many people in and out the office, it is like Piccadilly Station. She has brought in Scooby whippet pup for Rosie to foster as she is going away at the weekend. here is part of the note Scooby 'wrote' to Rosie !

Dear Aunty Rosie,
It is very nice of me to come and stay with you while my foster mum is away at an agility show)I can already jump higher than those 2 big Fat Collies
I like your dogs especially that funny shaped yellow one.I think my foster mum has told you how I like my meals and that I have a biscuit when I am going to bed which I eat when I feel like it and leave crumbs in my bed.
I am very good at peeing for a long time and a long way and when I am tired I find something to curl up on
I dont understand all the games the collies do tho I can sit and sometimes come when called unless there is something more interesting I am concentrating on! I chase hens and ducks and think the cats might be interesting tho I get told off when I do this. I also catch flies and things.
I am sick in the car in the mornings but not always in the afternoon

Luv.Scoobie Doo x
Ps> why do the people at Freshfields always want to take photos of me especially that blonde one, I think her name is BossWoman.

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amazed, i clicked on this pic because it looks like my whippet, his name is scooby too x