Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Washing Machine needed Urgently

Vet Ken has been out today to see Sorrell and Crystal. After carefully examining Sorrell he explained that the large lumpy mass on her stomach is a ruptured tendon probably caused by her carrying the weight of twin foals(in her previous home)and that there could be one or two problems if she is left this way but there is only a minor chance of anything happening which would be detrimental to her health . He advised sending her to Leahurst Vet hospital in Cheshire for further assessment but as Sorrell is a very nervous traveller I have no wish to send her on a pointless journey. On the other hand if it gets bigger which is likely at some point, then she could be much older and less likely to come through such a big operation with ease. Not removing it could also cost her a home and she is so young to spend her life here.It is a dilemma and one I feel needs more serious thought before a decision is made.
Crystals melanomas are being kept under control by the medication she is on and he advised that we keep on with it, there should be no longterm side effects and it will prevent them increasing and will therefore extend her quality of life. It is very expensive but we are going to start buying it online with a vets prescription and this should bring the cost down a little.

I have just been speaking to a lady called Dion about the wonderful results gained from using an aloe vera product called 'Activator' I wonder if anybody else has heard of this particular product. Dion has used it herself to rid a dog of a growth on his eyelid and has successfully treated mouth ulcers with it. A friend of hers used it for cataracts and her cataracts diminished and finally disappeared . Before anyone thinks Dion is an aloe vera rep, she actually rang me for advice on feeding an ailing cat, the colloidal silver manufacturer from whom she purchases this product gave her my number.As some will already know I strongly advocate the use of colloidal silver in the treatmnent and prevention of feline cat flu. It is not a miracle cure but if used in the early stages can prevent it spreading throughout the cattery.Taking in stray cats has its downsides and cat flu is one of them. Anyhow to get back to he feeding of sick cats, many years ago I had a very sick emaciated cat which would not eat,I tried everything and in desperation took my mothers advice to try a product for humans called Brands Essence. I bought a jar from the local chemist and syringed this down the cats throat at regular intervals and within hours that cat perked up , gained weight rapidly and he survived. I have not seen it for sale for many years and of course the vets now do a convalescent food for cats but if I could get hold of this again I would always keep some in stock.

Rhian found a lovely caterpillar this morning, a fluffy rusty coloured one and I did not think quickly enough to take a photo - that will please all those who do not share my love of all things great and small . I know friend Sue in Liverpool would have liked to see it as she DOES share my interest.In fact she is the only one I know who does except Barbara who used to work here. It seems not many women are bug lovers! You dont know what you are missing! They are fascinating little creatures. I think this one I found on the net may be what Rhian found.It is an Oak Eggar caterpillar.Not sure ours had black on it though, I cant seem to find another similar. Oh what a nuisance.I will be dreaming rust coloured caterpillars tonight.(Yes I really am that sad!)

The washing machine we use for the animal bedding has finally bitten the dust so we are desperate for another second hand one. I did purchase a commercial machine last year but we need to upgrade the electricity supply before it can be used and in the meantime we are totally without our constantly in use machine.Does anyone know anyone parting with a working washing machine ? It is vital to keep our animals supplied with clean bedding and we are struggling without one.
New Kitchen Jim is a little less stressed today, he has just never been socialised and if he sees more than one person at a time he seems to panic. He is learning to walk on a lead though I suspect it is more that he used to following at the farmers heels, if there is any pressure on the lead he immediately stops.He needs a lot of time and patience but he is not as fearful as some that we have had here and I have high hopes for him.Pictured here about to go for a walk,.
A little terrier has been taken into our Porthmadog shop, I hiope the owner turns up before the end of the day!

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Frances said...

Have you tried the freecycle website for a washing machine? People advertise stuff that they just want to pass on to a good home.