Saturday, 11 September 2010

Its The Week of The Gingers and goodbye Luca and Medi.

It has been a very busy weekend here and I am delighted to say that we have found homes for 4 adult cats ,5 kittens and 2 dogs and a puppy . Luca the young German Shepherd met his new family today (from Kent)and his new playmate - a 6 years old staff whose Bull mastiff companion has just died. I hope that she will enjoy Lucas' company as much as his. I was out collecting petfood from our bin at Pets at Home in Bangor so I missed seeing him go but Mei said the two dogs seemed to really hit it off. Medi the new collie, the Gill lookeylikey has gone to live in Wiltshire with 2 cross collies as friends.She needs feeding up, she is underweight and permanently ravenous(unlike me who is OVERweight and permanently ravenous!) Its so good to know they have new lives ahead of them considering that both were abandoned by owners who did not give a damn what happened to them. May both of them , whoever they are, eventually receive retribution for their actions.I would prefer to think they would have regrets and try to make amends but ,sceptic that I am, it may be stretching credulity a little too far! Mind you stranger things have happened.

Speaking of Pets at Home, they are having an adoption publicity drive and will be selling raffle tickets instore so in October we will be attending the store with a stall of our sales goods, xmas cards and calendars and maybe xmas puds if they arrive in time. Whatever the store raises during that week will come to us. I will publicise the date as soon as I have it confirmed. The charity food bin was overflowing with goodies today, lots of food and toys for the animals and even a lovely fluffy cat bed. With the catfood I had bought too there was little room in my car by the time it was all loaded up with the help of Matt the manager. Donations of petfood can make a big difference to our weekly food bill but we get very little, unlike the Liverpool shelter who exist almost on donations of cat and dog food.They do help us whenever they receive more than they need but then we have to get it from Liverpool to North Wales and that is not always possible.

The cats, Old Precious and her companions have finally gone to live the life they should be leading, in a nice family home where they will be loved and cared for by cat loving people.They have promised me photos and updates and in fact I have just received an email from them telling me that the cats have already started to settle down and are loving the affection. That is brilliant news, just what I wanted to hear. Fudge a handsome ginger and white has also been chosen for a new home (he is the one with the white chest)and has gone to live with another cat in the Machynlleth area, though we have 3 more gingers brought in. Buster,Missy and Nunu are 3 years old and their owner could no longer afford to keep them. Ginger cats are very popular and provided they do not have the temperament of the devil(as does our lovely Cariad) they are reasonably easy to home.

My sister and niece worked in the Llandudno Charity shop on Saturday and did very well. From what I gather Niece Vanessa missed her vocation in life! Manager Jan is on a weeks holiday so I too will have to do a stint there, probably on Tuesday.This shop has such potential to do very well as long as we receive the goods for sale and thereby lies the problem.Having said that we are receiving more donations than in previous months thanks to constant appeals but with so many charity shops competing with each other it can be hard to keeep the shop well stocked. When I go I will have a car loaded up with stuff which people have brought here so Sister Sandra (no she is NOT a nun) and I will be kept busy. Shop work is definitely not my cup of tea never having been good at maths.If someone gives me a five pound note and wants something worth £1.25, I become a gibbering wreck and panic. When I was in my twenties I worked as receptionist /cashier in a nightclub called The Kingsway in Southport and if it had not been for a very helpful Bouncer who wrote me a list of prices and change to be given(hidden behind the counter) I would have been sacked on the first day!
Puppy Millie proved to be very popular on the website and not long after her photo appeared she was reserved.Fosterer Cariad says she loves children but remains a little nervous of men.Well that is to be expected given her poor beginnings in life, now that DOES make me angry.No pup is born with a fear of men and that a pup her age should have had experiences to make her feel that way makes my blood boil. Thankfully she was removed in time and was not forced to spend a lifetime with someone who did not deserve to have such a precious life to ruin.
Another pup is coming to me today and when I heard it was a whippet, I was momentarily tempted as I miss my William so much but in the end common sense prevailed. This dear little pup was bought for an exorbitant sum as a gift but was unwanted by the recipient.This is one reason it is never a good idea to buy animals as presents. Sometimes the recipient is a genuine animal lover but may have decided not to have another pet for one reason or another, in this case it was another member of the family(a husband I think) who put his foot down.
The gentleman who was interested in Tess the staffordshire Bull Terrier came back to see her today and this time brought his wife along. We had high hopes that they would take her but the wife(sorry to call her that but dont know her name) has some reservations. It is understandeable of course; if she has visiting grandchildren she will want to be sure that any dog they take has the right temperament but although we have been told she has lived with children and she was certainly fine with the children that were here today(Cariads - human Cariad not feline Cariad!)her own grandchildren are apparently younger . I know her husband reads my blog and although we would love them to take Tess it has to be right for them and they need to be sure of their decision being the right one.
We are still waiting for the three horses Buster,Callie and Freddy to be brought back to the shelter, we are dependent on Gronwey finding the time to do it but he is in the meantime taking hay to them which is a help to us. I am still trying to find someone to do the homecheck in Frodsham for the two ponies Marigold and Melba. With a home waiting it does not make sense to bring them back here and then to go,it is best that they go straight to their new home. Maybe I need to put out another appeal for this. There is also a home locally for two shetland ponies, Rosie is going there this week to see what she thinks, I have already been and want her opinion before we make a decision.There is nothing wrong at all with he people or the land but as shetlands can become laminitic so easily I want Rosie to talk to them at length, she is so much more experienced than I. If these four do go out I am considering giving shelter to another horse, a 22 years old gelding called Morris who is arthritic and whose owner is now unemployed and can no longer afford his stabling etc. Clearly he will not find a home as a riding horse so his chances of living out his natural life is slim to say the leas
Ps: the owl did not survive, his wing was too badly damaged to save, poor bird.

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