Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Naughty Jenny from the Pound

I did my stint in the charity shop and was I glad to get home! The only bright part of the day for me is when customers bring in their dogs and I get to interact with them. So many came in with yorkshire terriers today, there are so many about, they must surely be one of the most popular dog breeds in the Uk. Does anybody know if that is the case?I would be interested to know.

Veronica Bookeeper has taken whippet pup Scooby home to foster, I was not surprised, like me she has a fondness for this type of dog and not much coercion is needed to persuade her to foster . I have had the first enquiry for him today and am waiting for another email to find out more about the home she is offering.The lady has an Italian Greyhound so Scooby would make a nice compatible friend for her little dog. Years ago I had an Italian Greyhound called Mr Whippy, you dont see many of them nowadays especially in the North of England and Wales. I have always wondered why they are not more popular especially with the elderly as they are such dainty gentle animals but for some reason Yorkies and Westies seem to be the preferred companions . Perhaps the skinny appearance of Whippets etc do not appeal as much as the little hairy dogs?

Jenny from the Pound arrived today.No NOT Jenny from the block! Jenny came in from a dog pound,she is a sweet natured young collie whose owners failed to claim her and I think I may have found the reason why! This afternoon she slipped her lead and at first ran round making a big fuss of me and Tasha the other dog I was walking , She would not stay still long enough for me to catch her and put the lead back on and then all of a sudden she shot off up the fields. Racing after her(well stumbling after her to be honest) I found her trying to round up the ponies and she would not respond to my voice at all. For about half an hour I tried in vain to attract her attention but she was hell bent on the round up. By then the ponies were becoming tired of this stupid game and aimed a few warning kicks at her but she dodged them nimbly and went on doing the work she had obviously been trained to do (though with sheep) I was beginning to think I would never get hold of her but all of a sudden she seemed to tire and came over to me which gave me the chance to get hold of her and put her lead back on. What a nightmare. As soon as she goes out to a foster home the better and she will clearly have to be rehomed out of sheep country. This is more than likely the reason she ended up in the Dog Pound, no farmer will keep a dog which refuses to respond to simple commands. At lerast now she has achance of a good and long life in a pet home
Mei thinks she is the Horse Whisperer now because she is bonding with New Horse Sorrell - wherever she goes Sorrell follows. I dont like to spoil her illusions but as she is the one who feeds her it is most likely a case of cupboard love , hoping if she follows her around for long enough, she will end up being given a titbit or two! I think she can see posters of herself with writing on saying ' Meirwen Hughes Horse Whisperer coming to a venue near You, come and see her at work . ' We all have our dreams but some are more achievable than others! Never mind Mei, keep up the good work. Truthfully though, when Mei first worked here she was terrified of horses and I have to say that now she is very good with them and has learned a great deal over the years, you would never believe that she once would not enter a field with them and would do anything rather than go near even the smallest of our ponies, little Noddy. Maybe I will have to eat my words one day!
I do have a new stove now and it is being installed this week, not before time either as I have just been told that there is talk of a very cold spell and snow coming to the Uk at the end of this month. Great, that is NOT something to look forward to. To those who work at animal shelters it heralds the onset of more hard work and hardship. It also means I need to get my horses back from their summer grazing homes as quickly as posssible and I am still unable to find anyone with a big enough vehicle to transport Big Buster.The man who took him to his summer home is impossible to contact , a message has been left with someone in the village who has a large horsebox, hopefully she will respond favourably and we can get the horses moved this week.

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