Saturday, 25 September 2010

Who's been Sleeping In My Bed?

First of all I would like to ensure that nobody thinks the title is anything to do with my own sleeping arrangements! Secondly I am happy to say that Tess staff seems a lot brighter today so she is obviously on the road to recovery. She is a bit sore from her operation so is not keen on going for a walk but is happy to have a roll in the field and sit down for a cuddle.
A wirecoated lurcher dog has been found, like so many working dogs he is underweight and par for the course - he hates cats, or rather likes them TOO much, he certainly is not to be trusted with them.Thank goodness the rabbits have gone. Lurchers are very close to my heart, I have had several over the years and they are such loving animals and so gentle in spite of their tendency to want to chase everything that moves.In their favour it has to be said that not all are like this, William was marvellous and even Meg who lives with me now is a cat chaser but is easily called off and I was told by her ex owner that she only chases rabbits.Not that I will ever take a chance with her.Anyhow this dog is almost certainly a working dog and until he is claimed or goes to a home will have to stay on an extended lead when he is being exercised
Mei is pictured walking him shortly after he arrived.

The other photo is of 3 of our old grey ponies. From left to right - Crystal (with the melanomas)and Ross and William who are in their early thirties now. Like all of the old ponies they are living out their lives at the shelter. They were convinced that the camera was sure to be something tasty so I had to go and find some treats so as not to disappoint them too much. It has been a cold but bright day today and too cold to take off their rugs.It is so unpredictable now that they will most likely be staying on for the duration of the winter.

The staff think I am behaving oddly!!! Well more oddly than usual, they seem to think I suffered concussion when I headbutted the car and maybe they are right. I just thought I was feeling low,irritable and tired because I was ... well - low ,irritable and tired! They say they have never seen me like this and I want to sleep all day (I dont though)which is definitely not the norm for me at all. To anybody reading my blog for the first time I would like to point out that I am truly NOT a psychopathic headbanger and that it was a stupid accident in which I clumsily nearly split my face open and most certainly not a deliberate action.

This morning I received an email from Southwest animal protection telling people in the animal welfare world to look out for two dogs missing after a traffic accident in Walsall - seconds later Helen, the Liverpool Manager emailed me to say that one of the dogs was a husky cross pup from Freshfields in Liverpool and is only 12 weeks old. The other dog is a cavalier spaniel and as I write this there is no news of either dog. What a distressing situation, we are all desperately hoping that both dogs will be found safe and well.

Having mentioned that Crystal horse is ok , today she appears to be off colour and very quiet so we will have to keep an eye on her.I have arranged for a Vet to come out this week to check Sorrell thoroughly with the view to going ahead with an operation if we can raise the funds to do so.I will ring again in the morning and try to pin him down for a date (not THAT sort of date!)He can also look at Crystal, maybe her medication is not agreeing with her or there could be something else going on? Sometimes I think I jinx animals when I write about their health being fine, as soon as I do this something goes wrong.It is of course purely coincidental but it certainly seems as though I am tempting fate by saying all is well.

We had supporters visit us today from Derbyshire,Mum Janet organised the sponsored dog walk there same day as ours and raised the very welcome sum of £450,daughter Karen is thinking of giving a home to one of our ponies and they are also going to publicise our dilemma with Sorrell and try to get financial support in their area.Its a good feeling knowing there are others who care and who try their best to help us.
2 kittens have been reserved and Gel has gone off wagging his tail happily to his new home inYorkshire. A realative of the Farmer who owned Gel has rung to get rid of a collie cross kelpie.Word is clearly spreading amongst the farming comunity that there is an outlet for unwanted farm dogs.I dont mind, preferable that than they be put down or chained for the rest of their lives and although I am receiving more and more requests to take collies, I am also receiving many offers of homes so whilst the two marry up, there is no problem. Nobody yet has claimed the Lurcher though a man turned up claiming Luca the GSD!! This, after a month! He had no answer as to why he had not reported him missing to the authorities(police,dog warden)He appeared to accept what I said and that I was legally entitled to home him after this space of time. All he seemed bothered about is the fact that he paid £400 for him.Well he should have looked after him better shouldn't he? I have no sympathy for him at all, Luca had no ID and the police knew I had him right from the start so had anyone been looking for him the trail would have led straight here. He is better off in the home we have now found for him.
Another dog has been found, an old collie,I have asked the finder to hang on to him for afew days to see if the owners turn up.The stray dog problem is becoming difficult to deal with, the nearest dog pound is on the other side of Bangor, a good hours drive away , as is the Dolgellau pound.Most people finding a stray dog are not prepared to go that much out of their way so they ring here and of course I am limited due to lack of foster homes and house space! There has to be a better solution but I cannot see the situation improving unless one of the National Animal Welfare Societies opens up a shelter in Gwynedd or a Private Boarding kennels offers help but then there is the cost of boarding in private kennels.I just do not know what is going to happen in this area but it will get worse ,not better. Ideas anyone? My poor old addled brain is just about exhausted with the effort of trying to find places for these poor dogs.There is another oldie in Dolgellau Pound which I have promised to help but there is only so much one person can do with a lack of facilities and resources.
The best news of all today is that I have just had an email telling me that the two missing dogs from the traffic accident have been found safe and well.That really has made my day.
PPS: Just had a yorkshire terrier brought, found running down a busy road, no collar or ID. He is now happily esconced in living room with old Suzy and Patch and having tried out both of their comfy baskets has decided Suzys is the best. Throughout the day all will have snoozed in it at some time, Holly No ears who is not over keen on dogs was so desperate to take her turn in it she squeezed in with old Suzy much to her disgust but amazingly the old girl tolerated her presence, well for the first hour at least.All the animals love this basket and it was donated by a generous shopper at Pets At Home in Bangor and placed in our collecting box there.See photos.

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