Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tommy Finds a Home after 9 Long Months at The Shelter

I am pleased to say that the terrier was claimed so one less to worry about. can you believe that the owner was livid that the dog had been taken to the pound near Bangor! There was no admission of guilt that the dog had no Id on her, or a microchip, just fury that she had been taken off the street and sent to the pound. Maybe it will teach him a lesson.Just in case he does not bother to go and collect her,I will check with the pound first thing tomorrrow. I had mentioned before that it is quite a long way for owners and finders pf strays to go but regarding the owners, well if their pets had collars and tags on, they would not have to make the journey in the first place.

ITV Wales have been in touch as they are doing a documentary on the recession causing people to part with their pets. They wanted to film the owner of Morris, (the horse we are expecting in soon) talking about the difficulties she had been experiencing paying for his upkeep and then film him arriving at Freshfields. It was a good opportunity for some publicity for the shelter but unfortunately the owner refused to participate. I can understand her reaction, not everybody is comfortable giving media interviews, myself included, but it is a great shame that we will lose out on the publicity.

This morning I went to Porthmadog for a presentation of the Barclays Bank cheque(Jackies sponsorship for the dog walk) and to be photographed for the Cambrian News, the local newspaper. We should receive the real cheque soon so another couple of bills can be paid. There are two beautiful cats in residence at our Port shop, a handsome tabby and a pretty tortoishell. I will try to find a place here for them as soon as possible but we have so many on our waiting list, we need to home quite a few to make spaces for them all . In the meantime they will have to put up with their temporary accommodation in the room above the shop. One lucky cat was rehomed from the shelter yesterday - Tommy(pictured here) had been here for 9 months and was middle aged, we were just contemplating releasing him when he was chosen as a companion to an older lady who was delighted with him. That is a far better option for him than living here and sharing the attention with so many others. I do love it when this happens.
This past few days I have been busy doing posters for the next Fundraiser, a Coffee morning/cake sale at The Royal Sportsman Hotel in Porthmadog and have only just realised that I have put the wrong date on them! After distributing about 100 locally , eagle eyed Veronica spotted the mistake. Thank goodness she did before I printed more.The fundraiser is on the 15th October and I have typed in the 22nd! What on earth made me get the dates mixed up? Sometimes I am so stupid I could shake myself. So if anybody has earmarked the 22nd for a morning out, nothing will be happening so DONT GO on that date.It is the FIFTEENTH! I think it is time I had a few days off to gather my senses together and re-energise myself. The problem is when can I do this? it is so busy at the moment, there seems to be something vitally important to do every day.
A couple of minor problems right now are trying to find the time to collect a dog from the Pwllheli area(I bet I have spelled that wrong again?) and to organise someone(me?) to assess a colony of 16 cats in the Porthmadog area which I completely forgot to do today. I have been told they are not ferals and I hope they are not, the poor ferals are so hard to find places for and our feral cat enclosure is full to capacity. I am trying to computerise our admittances to the shelter and it is taking up so much time.The last time I did this, I had spent weeks on it and it was inadvertently wiped off forever! At least now I have a back up system but I do wish I could wave a wand and it would all be done. One of the daily newspapers featured an article about women who spend so much time on the computer they are developing double chins through constantly looking down at the keyboard - I suppose that applies to typists too but now I have become paranoid about it. After reading the article I rushed to the mirror and horror of horrors there it was! When did that appear? Why had I not noticed it before? Damn the Daily Mail, as if I don't have enough to worry about! Now I will be trying to type with my head up and squinting down at the keyboard!
Oh , forgot to mention Finchley ferret is much better, he is eating well and seems to be more content, less scared and far more relaxed.Vanessa took the ticks off him(not my forte, they make me want to vomit) and he is enjoying the comfortable little house we have made for him in a two storey rabbit hutch. No resident rabbits of course!

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