Saturday, 2 October 2010

A Few Short Steps to Freedom.

I had a wonderful email today from the lovely people who gave a home to the old cats Precious and Magic,it made me smile so much I tried to copy and paste it onto here but it didn't work so I will just have to copy a little of it and publish the wonderful photos of the three cats taking their first steps outdoors in their new home.After 3 weeks being kept in they are clearly apprehensive but curious.
Precious is the 14 years old white cat, Magic is Black fluffy and Flossie the shortcoated black and white, all of which had been at the shelter for a very long time before being adopted.
Here is an extract from the email:
Today is the Day!
Magic has taken to sitting by the front door for the last week or so,sandwhiches packed and ready for the off. We showed her the contract which said she could not be let out for three weeks but she quite rightly pointed out that SHE had signed nothing and that anyway cats were not subject to UK law
But this morning the time had come.We knew this because she removed the calendar from the wall and whacked Sue over the head with it, an angry paw stabbing the entry for today which reads "Cats Open Day"!
Above are photos of the cats experiencing their first taste of freedom.
Sean the lurcher had been tentatively reserved but the person interested could not visit for another 2 weeks and in the meantime someone else showed up who had been waiting for a suitable dog to be admitted.Anyhow they fell in love with Sean and off he went with them.Hopefully the others will still be in the market for a similar dog when they are ready to take one on.
Scooby whippet pup has also left us or rather left his foster mum Veronica who was becoming rather too fond of him,like me she has a soft spot for this type of dog so it is as well he has gone today otherwise it would have been too hard for her to part with him. As it is she has barely enough time for her own canine family(and human family) as we work her so hard here! Tomorrow Jack the abused Jack Russell will be coming to meet his prospective owners so fingers crossed he and their own dog make friends.

In the last entry I wrote about being pleased that Tommy had found a home, well Tommy was in the same pen as Morris another middle aged cat and he was another I was starting to think would be here forever.Well unbelievably today he was reserved! How great is that, two longtermies going in one weekend.Thats what its all about! The next one I would like to see go is Dana who has been here nearly a year so maybe we will have a hat-trick?Who knows, with this run of luck anything is possible.One kitten has also gone and another two reserved so it has been a good start to the weekend.

Still the calls are coming in to get rid of dogs, I was upset to receive a call about a 14 years old Rough Collie(not a breed we see much of in this area)He sounds a lovely dog, great with children , cats and other dogs etc, so why is he in need of a home? Good Question and one to which there is no good answer I'm afraid. When a dog is no longer wanted the best thing to do is accept what the owner says and just get on with trying to find a suitable home. As he is not neutered it will not be easy to place him but I will try, I rang a few rough collie rescues and he is now on their list too so between us perhaps we will be successful. I did have plans to take on another Rescued Great Dane and had one in mind from a Dane Rescue in South Wales but if this old fellow fails to find a home , how can I justify doing that now? I suppose it should be a case of which is most in need. I did want another large dog for my own security or at least to have a feeling of that, in truth Molly was a hopeless guard dog.The one I have in mind is 5 years old and has been passed over because he has a physical problem which puts people off adopting him and which could reduce his lifespan. It has put me in a quandary but hey whats new about that? I'm sure I will come to the right decision sooner or later.

We are having a Freshfields night out Sunday,we are off to the theatre in LLandudno, well Mei, John and I are, so there will be no Blog until Tuesday and No that is not because I will have a hangover but because I will be out most of Monday and Tuesday on Freshfields business so will not have time to write it.Honestly!


Gem said...

Really glad that Tommy found a home! Was worried when we adopted Benji that he'd be left by himself.

We left some cat food for you in the Pets at Home in Bangor, it's not much but it's something to say thanks for changing our lives with our cats :)

john mike said...

you were not arrested for a hangover leslie, improperly dressed perhaps