Thursday, 28 October 2010

Rocco and Branwen are returned.

Only one guinea pig arrived, the other having been given away to a home.All I can hope for is that he will have a companion.The one we have admitted is 4 and a half months oldand is called George! He has gone in with the new rabbit which we have named Rory.They appear to be getting on ok so far.They are not yet at the cuddling up stage so had to take seperate photos.

Raven and TaZ went to be spayed today and are recovering well, there is someone coming to see Raven on Sunday.Both dogs need experienced handlers so they are not going to be easy to rehome so I am keeping my fingers crossed for Raven this weekend.It is so sad when dogs have had no training in their homes,it makes it very hard to place them.It is one thing having a two months untrained pup but a 3 yerars old adult is a different matter and much garder to train.The one positive thing is that they are both intelligent dogs and in the right hands should come on in leaps and bounds.Two dogs have been returned - Rocco the collie for being too lively(they were told!) and poor Branwen because the woman in the partnership failed to take to her!!! Both have gone back to their foster mums Rosie and Veronica until we find suitable homes for them. I hate it when this happens, it disturbs the animals so much.Rocco is young enough at 12 months to adapt but Branwen is 6 years old and at that age it will be a little more difficult for her to cope with change.(she is the brown dog, and is what is known as a true Welsh Collie, Rocco is white and speckly)
Paddy is still receiving much attention, everybody wants to meet him and he appears to be enjoying the fuss which is made of him. (see photo) I can hardly believe how quickly he has made himself at home, he now knows the routine and goes out for exercise with all my dogs(except little old Suzy who regards exercise as something she is not prepared to do for anyone) and somehow he succeeds in making my home more of a home.(not as much room though)but definitely more of a home. His presence is a comfort and the loss of Molly and my constant companion William lurcher , now seems more bearable. I am sorry to bore people with Paddy Tales so I promise to only post a few dozen more photos!!!
I have decided to hold a Christmas Fair locally this time so we have booked the Memorial Hall in Penygroes for the morning of the 2nd December. It will be interesting to see how popular it proves to be.Cake makers, get your spatulas ready(or whatever is used to bake cakes?) Your help is needed.
The Police have rung in desperation over a neglected looking stray dog which some holidaymakers have found. As I have mentioned before there is nowhere locally for such animals to go without the finder being prepared to drive quite a distance to the nearest dog pound which is open after hours.I am just waiting for them to arrive, he can stay in the kitchen overnight and if the owner fails to turn up he can go to a foster home. More of him in next blog.

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