Monday, 11 October 2010

It's All A Ghastly Nightmare!!!

Gel still "Waiting" for the right home

"Freedom" for Taz

Well with the Internet still down communication was a little difficult at Freshfields, but just to make matters worse the phone is now down as well. This is enough of a problem in any business, or even a house hold, but for us it's a disaster. Homes probably lost and animals lives put at risk. BT have been a nightmare, and reporting the fault in it's self was a chore, let alone the fact that they still haven't done anything about it!
Still, after saying that we had a pretty successful week-end with cats, kittens and dogs re-homed. To be honest Saturday was pretty manic, all worth it to see the animals off to their permanent homes though.
Taz is doing well, she's responsive and very easy to train. The improvement in her is obvious to all. She loves to run in the fields, an experience she'd never had before as she had always been on the lead. In my opinion with an experienced owner she could soon make a wonderful and very loyal pet.
Laddie has now been reserved and will be leaving us at the week-end, he is full of fun and I'm sure will benefit from his future owner's active life style.
Hopefully Lesley will be able to get back on line shortly to keep you updated with all that's going on at Freshfields.

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