Saturday, 30 October 2010

More photos of Paddy

I lied!!!!!
here are more photos.

Paddy has started to play so could not resist this pic of him having a tug of war with Patch.Did the gentle giant win? No, tenacious Scouse Patch won the tug of war.Its like watching a childs first steps. Today is the day Paddy learned how to play! Tomorrow he may bark his first bark? Maybe I am imagining it but already he seems stronger and less wobbly on his legs. I think the exercise is doing him good.


netta said...

Is that one of the horses blankets you have on him, lol

lesley said... came with him was made specially for him but it was someone who makes horse rugs.x

Tali said...

Bless him. By the way, he barked at me through the window this morning!