Saturday, 23 October 2010

Junior and Roxy are the Chosen Ones Today.

Crystal is much the same, she still looks a bit depressed but that could be due to her having to stay indoors.At least she is eating normally now .Pneumonia takes time to recover from and it is still early days.

More kittens have been reserved today and Junior the cat with auto immune problems (pictured here)has gone to an indoor home where his condition should be much improved.He is such a loving and affectionate cat and will be a great companion for the elderly gentleman with whom he has gone to live.
We were helped today by Ann, a lady who lives in Altrincham and has a holiday home locally; she often pops up to help with the cats. Her favourite job is in the kitten room and apart from cleaning the litter trays in the afternoon, she spends invaluable time with the nervous kittens talking to them and cuddling them(those which allow such contact) 2 other volunteers turned up as well - Joanna a young girl for whom this is the second time volunteering at Freshfields and Bianca lookeylikey Claire who is fostering the litter of kittens for us.She tells me they are all doing very well, how lucky it was that both she and they arrived on the same day!Had she not taken them home we would have struggled to find time to hand rear them ourselves. When there are two hourly feeds all through the night, it is almost impossible to put in a full day at work the following day.
When Claire went to clean out one of the horse field shelters, she was shocked to find the body of a young badger curled up in the corner on a pile of straw. He had an open wound on his leg but he was very thin and poor looking so I suspect he had crawled there to die.Poor little thing. I have not seen a live badger round here since the week I moved in at which time I saw an albino badger crossing the road one evening. My sister had a family of them in her garden which came to eat the goodies she left out each night but they have not been seen since last winter.Yesterday she rang me to say that one had returned and had been wolfing down the peanut butter sandwhiches she left outso is hopeful there will be more round the dinner table before long.
The family for Roxy arrived around two pm after a long journey from their home in Surrey.Everyone seemed to get on well together though Roxy was a little apprehensive, she had become so settled here and already was regarding it as her home. They took her for a walk to get to know her and the temptation of a few biscuits jollied her along. By the time they left Roxy was on the verge of falling in love with them - the way to her heart is undoubtedly food. They will be staying at a local hotel for the night and returning in the morning to collect her and make their way back home. I could not be more pleased for this dog who has known neither love nor comfort during the 6 years of her life. Now like others before her which have passed through our doors, she has a happy future ahead of her. It makes my day.
We have had torrential rain on and off since last night and judging by the dark clouds overhead we are due even more. The water butts are overflowing and the lower fields are starting to become waterlogged. Its the same every year. Although we have improved the drainage and dug ditches, these fields always suffer the most. The farmer is arriving now with our first big bales of haylage of the year. With 26 horses and ponies on site the small bales of hay do not last long and it is more economical for us to buy the large ones. The only problem with these is that we need the tractor to move them and if he (Trevor)fails to
start, as he often does then we have to call on someone to move them for us.When that big lottery cheque arrives!we will buy a brand new shiny tractor which never lets us down.When I pass one on the roads I gaze enviously at the shiny newness of it and momentarily consider mugging the driver and making off with it but then I remember I cannot drive a tractor and anyway Im too much of a pacifist to mug anyone.A lottery win it will have to be.

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