Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Strangest Thing

Sadly the internet is down at the sanctuary again, so I'm just writing a few words from home. Having been off for a couple of days you'd be surprised how much I've miss. But this morning I met Morris, the horse who came in over the last couple of days, he has already left his mark on Mei, literally. He stood on her foot and broke her little toe. No Comment!!! I'm sure Lesley will post a picture of him shortly.
Today a lady came in with a 9 month old German Shepherd bitch for assessment. Taz was totally out of their control and lunging at everyone and everything. It's all just nervous aggression/anxiety with her. I just don't understand it, how can they have let it get to this? Just some early training and socialising and all this could have been avoided. I just hope that we can put the work in to get her right and help with her re-homing.
The kitten room is still full to bursting, but at least we have two reserved who will be going out shortly. Sadly a lot of the kittens are now 4-5 months old and are being passed by in favour of the cute younger ones. I think at this time of year, every year I start to panic, but I really feel this year that we have more youngsters than we have had in previous years. One teenager that I have grown very fond of is the feral red tabby. He's now very tame, though it's all slightly on his terms. I could easily bring him home....but Hubby says NO!!! (Damn!)


Anyway hopefully Lesley will back online in the next few days, if not maybe I'll speak to you later in the week.

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