Saturday, 16 October 2010

Is Grandad Still Grieving?

Two scared little feral kittens were admitted this morning after they were rescued by someone worried that the mum cat was not around.In fact Mum was probably hiding nearby but the babies are around eight weeks of age and if they didn't come in to us now they would end up as adult ferals so really it is the best thing that could have happened to themWe just have to convince THEM of that now! They are hissing spitting little ginger firecrackers!(see photo of them in repose mode)They should soon come round to being handled at this young age and gingers are so popular that it is doubtful they will spend too much time here. The lady who brought them in, already has two of our cats and although she and her family love cats, she had felt the kittens could be easily homed so she offered a home to an older cat nobody wanted. She was introduced to 12 years old Bertie and the 'deal' was clinched - Berties owner had died and its no life for an oldie in a cattery, they miss their home comforts so much. Speaking of old cats, a 14 years old cat called Tiddleswho also lost his owner was admitted a few months ago and because he is so content being around other cats, it was decided he could have the freedom of the shelter. He immediately made himself at home in the conservatory and is usually to be found lyting on the top of one of the chairs(see photo). He is still up for adoptionbut at least until then he is happier in this environment.

A litter of 6 kittens have been found in a shopping bag - I will post a photo
of them on Sunday. The question I would like answered is why, with all the help there is available to have cats neutered and spayed, are there so many kittens being born? Answers on a postcard please.Actually I believe I already know the answer - some people are simply too apathetic to sort it out, it is far too much of an effort to book an appointment at the vet and the money could be put to better use, like beer and cigarettes!

Laddie has left us and 10 years old Lucy terrier is missing him but she is having lots of cuddles from me; as I type, she is sitting behind me on the office chair and is nodding off in contentment.All I need is someone who understands terriers and has a quietish home, maybe with another terrier for her to play with and she will make someone a lovely companion. Her problem is that she takes a little time to bond with people and when she first meets strangers there is a tendency to jump and nip, not a great quality I'm afraid but she is such a loving animal and has so much affection to give the right person. I wish there was a website where one could find these lovely 'right people'. I know they are out there in that wonderful place called 'Somewhere' but I have never been able to find that either!

The Equine Dentist has been booked for this Monday, I hope that we will find out the reason for the poor weight of Morris(pictured here snoozing with Buster whilst they wait for their evening meal) Mei has brought to my attention that since Connie died poor old Grandad has not seemed the same and he certainly does look quite despondent. Horses do miss and grieve for their companions which is why I always feel sad for those who are sold over and over again and each time enduring the forced parting from their friends.Some sceptics may say that they will find other friends wherever they go next but not always. When Noddy shetland who is now in his late thirties outlived three of his stable companions it was as though he had given up on close friendships.
It took three years before he eventually allowed himself to become close again to another pony. We are considering moving Grandad into Noddys group and seeing how that works out for him.Grandad pictured being cuddled by Mei.

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