Friday, 22 October 2010

I return to find A New Male in The House!

Whilst I was in Liverpool I kept in touch with Mei so I could be updated on Crystals progress and I am pleased to say she is getting better though she has to be kept indoors for a while and is not completely out the woods yet. It is probably nothing but coincidence but when the last couple of horses passed away, it was when I was at meetings in Liverpool and Mei was left to cope with it.Not that she is unable to do so but it is a very traumatic and emotional experience when we lose an animal and perhaps more so when it is a horse as it seems so much more distressing due to the size and the subsequent burial.
I was chatting on the phone yesterday to a friend who lives in California .Katy is the daughter of Wendy who is one one of the trustees of Freshfields - Katy emigrated to the US from Merseyside many years ago and has brought up a family there(who share her love of animals) and helps at her local horse rescue - Pregnant Mare Rescue and as their name indicates they have a very difficult job on their hands rescuing mares from farms.For those who have no idea what goes on to provide women with the anti menopausal drugs Premarin , let me tell you that these horses are kept permanently in stalls, put into foal and have their urine "milked" as a so called vital ingredient for these drugs. It is a horrendous life but fortunately many such farms are closing down and when they do so Animal Welfare Organisations step in and try to purchase the horses to prevent them being sold for meat. Katy herself adopted a foal from one such farm.The reason I am mentioning this is because I hope that none of the Freshfields supporters who read this , are on this particular drug and if you are, please, please ask your doctor to change to a more ethically acceptable product(of which there are many). I myself changed doctors after she quite categorically said that Premarin (and I think the other product is called Prempak)THE only drug she recommends to women and had no intention of changing! Needless to say I walked out and found myself a doctor who had compassion.Well at least she refused to prescribe this drug for ethical reasons but having said that, she had no qualms offloading her childrens old riding pony to me without so much as a £10 donation and ignored a request to purchase a winter rug for him! There is no understanding some people is there?

Whilst I was away a dog was abandoned and I returned to an extra dog in the house.He appears to be mainly German Shepherd though his black and white colouring indicates he most likely has collie in him also. I doubt he will be claimed as he has chewed away most of the door frame in the kitchen! This is probably why he was thrown out. I have named him Raven - he is excellent with the other dogs, a very friendly dog but he seems to panic when he is left without human company so he needs a new home with someone who can deal with this. Indoor kennels can be an answer to this problem. My worry is only that people will use them too much but for leaving a destructive dog in for just a few hours can mean the difference between a dog living successfully in a home environment or spending his life in a shelter. I know which I would choose if I were a dog!
Today I saw two yellowhammers on the fence at the bottom of the track and a pair of goldfinches on the bird tree. I had a wonderful view of the goldfinches but did I have my camera on me? Of course not! David Bailey I will never be. I bet HE never left his camera at home. I put loads of bird seed on the bird table in the garden and just 10 minutes later it was all gone,it seemed too quick even
with greedy starlings about but then I let the Kitchen dogs out and Meg lurcher went straight to the bird table and jumped up to see what was left there. How do I stop her doing that? The dogs have already broken two bird tables and demolished another. I need one set in concrete with a barbed wire cage around the feeding tray!!!
It has been exceptionally quiet today, no visitors except one lady who comes regularly to walk one of the dogs. It has been wet and windy and the older ponies did not want to stay out for long, they were waiting huddled by the gates of their respective fields.Vanessa was due to come in this afternoon to see to them but they looked so pitiful I abandoned office work to bring them into their stables for which they were clearly grateful. There is nothing like bedding a horse down in a comfy stable and hearing them contentedly munching away at their hay. I just love it. Its one of the nicest sounds in the world.
There is someone coming tomorrow to give a home to an older cat and they have expressed interest in 14 years old Tiddles.I would love him to go to a home even though he is happy enough here, at his age I would like him to have a real homelife for his remaining years. There are other middle aged cats in the cattery which may have a shot at being the chosen one for this gentleman but whichever one it is , I am pleased to know that an older cat has a chance this weekend.
MUst go to do my bit of the Christmas newsletter which we will share with Liverpool, it needs to be printed and sent out ready for the festive season of goodwill! Speaking of goodwill, this recession has most definitely affected donations to the charity. When people are struggling themselves making ends meet, charitable donations are the first to go.I wonder what this coming year will hold for us? I keep thinking there must be a novel and effective way to bring funds gushing in but so far it has managed to evade me! If any of our supporters are the latest massive lottery winners. please remember to send us
a cheque!
I had an email form Tess the staff who went recently, seems she has learned to use a computer since she left us. Amazing what dogs are capable of isnt it? There was a lovely photo of her asleep on an armchair so it appears she is taking her place in the household already.Fingers crossed it all works out for her.It is so hard to find good homes for staffordshires and already I know of three more in need.Its a nightmare so I am particularly anxious Tess does not disgrace herself in this home, it would not be nice for her if she has to return to kennels.Please behave Tess,its for your own sake.

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