Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hallelujah I am back blogging.

Hallelujah! After more than a week of problems with both the internet and the telephone during which time I was ready to tear my hair out in frustration, an extremely efficient and pleasant young man called Trefor sorted the whole lot out in just half an hour!Trefor I love you. Apologies to anyone who was similarly frustrated at trying in vain to contact the shelter and thanks to Rhian for keeping the blog going for me.
Well, where do I start?
Morris the new horse, after almost breaking Meis toes has become friends with Big Buster and they are often seen grooming each other(I failed to get a photo because to add to my other problems I lost my camera though found it again today so will take some more pics tomorrow) At first we tried him with new horse Sorrell and her companions which include little Bobby the shetland but as you can see on the photo Morris was determined not to leave the safety of his compound and eventually it became clear he was not going to fit into that particular group. Then we tried him with the main herd and Buster immediately started to follow him about and was always standing close to him so we decided to leave him in that group of horses.He is as I mentioned when he first arrived, very thin but he has some dental problems and we all hope that when he has the appropriate treatment he may gain some weight. He is an extremely gentle and friendly horse, his previous owner said he prefers human company to others of his own kind, well he did spend the first few days staring longingly at everyone from the gate to the field but now he has joined the main herd and only comes down with them when they want a drink from the containers.
All the horses and ponies are doing well at the moment and are enjoying this very unexpected spell of warm sunny weather.All the rugs have had to be taken off this week, seems like winter is not quite here yet after all. Suits me, I would happily live in a hot climate. Actually when I was married(about 100 years ago or so it seems) we were planning to emigrate to South Africa where my fathers brother lived in Cape Town. All the paperwork was completed and then my mother became ill so I backed out of the move.In retrospect although I would have loved the sun and outdoor way of life, I would not have dealt well with apartheid so maybe things happen for a reason.
As Rhian said, we have lots of cats and kittens but are homing them albeit very slowly. Out of the dogs, Kitchen Jim has left us for a home along with Nell the young wall eyed collie(odd coloured eyes)/We have heard they have both settled in well and I have to admit I was very worried about them leaving me.Jim had a tendency to walk over the tops of units knocking things down constantly and Nell was so timid, I was afraid she would bolt the first chance she had. Having said that they have gone to a couple who have plenty of experience with rescue dogs and fingers crossed this lucky pair opf ex farm dogs will continue to do well in their new life. Jim is pictured here playing in the field with Patch my Scouser "Drives me round the bend" Jack Russell. At the same tiome I took a photo of dear old Ben who must be 14 years old now.I took him in two years ago on a temporary basis whilst his owner who had become homeless searched for somewhere to live. He never did find a suitable place where he was able to have Ben with him and so Ben stayed. At the time I did not want another dog but when his owner came to visit and Ben ran back into the house as fast as he could, I knew he was happier with me and so it was agreed he would remain at the shelter for the rest of his life. He really is a dear gentle natured collie, he is still very active and chases the other dogs round the field but he is becoming frail and elderly nowadays and his back legs are not as strong as they were.
The other collie up for adoption is Jim - the timid longhaired collie who is improving every day, he gains confidence from other dogs and is a sweet little dog who so desperately wants to have the confidence to come up and make a fuss. One day Jim! Gel was unfortunately returned after only a few weeks in his home. We were told he had a tendency to lunge at strangers and children, which is odd as he loved the child at the farm. Anyhow we have been assessing him and apart from when he first was admitted when he was very bewildered we have seen no sign of this behaviour. We will continue to monitor him.

There have been so many requests for help with both cats and dogs that it is truly overwhelming and being without means of advertising them on the net has made a huge difference so for the next few days I will be busy trying to update everything and hope it brings in some more homes.

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