Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Paddy settles down and Mrs Hedgehog leaves us.

Paddy is beginning to look less worried and is looking happier already. He enjoys his walks and even has a bit of a gallop round the field.Well, I say gallop
but it only lasts a few seconds and then he reverts to lolloping along at his own pace.I have never known such a placid dog.He is still a little anxious when I leave the house to go to the office and he watches the office door anxiously waiting for me to reappear.I would love to have him with me in the office but Lucy occupies prime place there and she would not tolerate another dog in her domain.I am ever hopeful of finding her a home but terriers with attitude are not easy, never mind the fact that her age (10 years)is against her.It is clear that Paddy has a problem with his gait though it does not appear as bad as I had expected.He seems to have some trouble going up steps and his water and feed bowl have to be raised up for him but otherwise he seems to manage quite well.I need to find an acupuncturist locally who will treat him, I have been told this seems to help him feel more comfortable

He has met the cats and some of the horses and he is completely uninterested which is a great bonus,Molly was a fiend with other animals(except dogs)and I was always on edge with her.Apart from being the same colour they are very different in personality and temperament which is a good thing..Much as I loved Molly she was undoubtedly a bit of a handful.Little 16 years old Suzy pictured here with glowing alien eyes, she snarled at Paddy once and he wont even look at her now.Naughty girl. The other photo I think shows how unfit he is, his previous owners gave him little or no exercise and he has no muscle tone at all. That should improve after a while here.

The hedgehog has gone to someone who will release him in the grounds of her home, he will be safe there and he has had lots of food the past few days so he will be ready for hibernation.Pictured here leaving us.

Wasn't it terrible in the news today about that wonderful stag which has been killed for his antlers.Is nothing sacred? After reading about it I read some comments on the forum and was infuriated at some of the negative ones posted by ignorant and unfeeling people.I just had to reply to one calling herself "girly girly". She thought it was a lot of fuss about nothing and what about humans dying of the cold every winter? Of course that is an appalling tragedy but why on earth do such people care about humans but nothing else?Surely compassion should extend to everything in nature! I am afraid her view is a common one, we find it when we are out collecting for animals.There is always one who says something similar.I would like to know what "girly girly" has done to help the aged in this country! Most likely nothing. It appears to be beyond the mental capacity of some to understand that cruelty and violence beget cruelty and violence and that perpetrators of such acts often do not differentiate between animals and humans. Suffering is sad, no matter who or what is on the receiving end and "girly girly" is just an example of how many people care only about one species.

Oh dear I've been off on the old soapbox again!

Tonight ALL the horses are inside their stables,It is the first night they have all been brought in and as Mei said to me earlier, its lovely knowing they are all warm and cosy. Sometimes it has been a warmish day and then during the night it starts to rain heavily and I know both she and I will then lie awake(in separate houses I hasten to add) wishing they had been brought in(they do have fieldshelters) Often the next day one of the horse staff will say she too was concerned.I think sometimes we worry too much but better that than not care at all.Admittedly most horses prefer the freedom of the fields but this is the first day they have all come in willingly(some usually stay up in the top fields and refuse to come down when they are called) so clearly they are starting to feel the change in the weather
The pigs too have been given a thick warm bed and have snuggled down into the deep straw.

I have had rather a lot of calls the past few days asking me to take in small animals, There are two guinea pigs coming in this weekend, there was an enquiry about parting with three chinchillas(I gave them the chinchilla rescue no) and we are expecting an unwanted rabbit in too
Yesterday I bumped into someone locally who was looking for a companion to their middle aged spayed staffordshire bull terrier female and I am so pleased that they have taken on one of the staffs which had been preying on my mind since the owner threatened to have him destroyed.He was only a pup aged 9 months so I am overjoyed he has found a home now.
A couple more kittens have been reserved today.Strange how when it is cold and pouring with rain, it is often the day we have most visitors.Never been able to work out why this is! One couple came but left without reserving one,that is always disappointing but it does happen, not very often thankfully.

Another day is almost over, the animals are all settled in their respective places and I am looking forward to spending the evening with my new man . I will be enjoying the warmth of the log fire whilst listening to the sound of the falling rain on the windows.I love that sound almost as much as horses munching their hay. There is Holby City later on the TV, choccies to eat and best of all I have a good book to read. Bliss. An evening of contentment lies ahead of me.

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