Friday, 15 October 2010

The Eagerly Awaited Christmas Puddings Arrive.

Today was the day of the Coffee Morning which I had mistakenly advertised as the 22nd! As expected it was not well attended, however we raised just over £400 so it was worth it . I will be keeping well away from Portmadog next Friday when people turn up for it and find nothing is going on!! I really do need someone to organise these events.I am finding I have less and less time to do my own work(admin) and it is all building up. This weekend the Pets at Home adoption week begins and we have a stall in their Bangor store. The Christmas Puddings have arrived and already we have sold more than half - they are proving to be very popular. I need to order more so it looks as thought they are going to be a good seller. Thats always a relief, when we try a new item to raise funds we are always a little apprehensive, some things are a success and others do not seem to take off at all. This years successes have been the cotton shopping bags with animal prints and now the puds.It all brings in much needed funds for the animals. I had someone send me a messaage via the blog saying that these puds are fantastic, she had bought one from another charity last year. At least we now know they are exceptionally nice and can recommend them.
I brought back to the shelter the two beautiful cats which have been temporarily residing in the rooom above the charity shop in Porthmadog, they are such nice cats they should be chosen fairly quickly. Two little cats went out yesterday leaving space for the these two but there are so many more waiting for spaces here.This weekend I hope to get up to date putting the cats on the catchat website, that usually brings in some homes.
The Dentist is coming here on Monday to check Morris and some of the other Equines and the Farrier on Tuesday so we have a busy week ahead of us. Minnie and Georgie Girl have begun life in their new home locally and now it is time to put straw beds down in the stables ready for the first cold night when the older ponies will come in and the winter routine begins. I had a call today about some neglected animals which has greatly concerned me but I was not given an address, how am I supposed to do anything without an address?I am hoping the caller will ring back and tell me the exact location so I can do an assessment and decide whether it is a job I can deal with satisfactorily or whether it is a job for another organisation.As there is a horse involved that may entail calling in the World Horse Welfare inspector.
Laddie is leaving us tomorrow and little Tess will miss his company but maybe she will fall lucky as well, lets hope. Taz GSD is doing so well now, each day she develops more confidence and she is good with me now after days of being very wary of me and screaming when I tried to stroke her. She will be fine if we can find an experienced and sensible dog owner to take her on, after all, at the age of nine months she is still very much a pup and if she has shown so much improvement in this short time, there should be no problem with her if this socialisation continues.
A couple of nice young men turned up today and have shown interest in Junior the cat with the auto immune problem.I love it when people take to animals like him, it shows true compassion and a real love of cats.Anyway they are returning on Monday morning when Rhian or Gail are in( it was late when they arrived and I was in the middle of walking my dogs)
Finally my new Great Dane Paddy will be arriving from the Rescue in South Wales the week after next, pending my homecheck of course.How embarassing if I fail it!!! I donot want to replace Molly(I cant do that of course) and I asked for an older Dane with problems which nobody else would want.I did not want a young dog which could be homed with someone with more time and
6 years old Paddy is being passed over all the time. I have seen a photo and he is the same colour as Molly but a neutered male, I believe he gets on with dogs, cats and horses which is so necessary here. I do have a feeling of guilt not taking on a Freshfields dog(Molly was from my Liverpool shelter) but I miss Mollys presence in the house and although she was a lousy guard dog, I felt safer with her around.Even her bark made me feel safer,it was so loud and gave the impression of a ferocious beast not to be messed with.Of course the reality was that she would run a mile if a stranger even looked at her! This is the first time in my life I have acquired a dog from anywhere but Freshfields and the first time I have deliberately sought out a pedigree so I hope I am not condemned for life by the ethics police!

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