Sunday, 31 October 2010

Aggravation on the Phone!

Why is this the only country which interferes with time? I always get completely mixed up over clocks being put back or put forward. whatever happens I always get up at the wrong time. Its as though I have a mental block about it and just try telling dogs that they have to wait an extra hour before they can go out. To quote Rhian "its all such a ghastly nightmare"!

I have received a lovely photo of Roxy in her new home.This is the dog who had never known a home life in her 6 years and look at her now(above)How heartwarming is that?Brilliant.Young Nicholas is thrilled to bits with his new friend.

As with most rescues, we have a policy of always taking our own animals back if the home fails to work out satisfactorily and hopefully if one of our animals ends up at another rescue by mistake, I would hope that they would let us know immediately and vice versa. Well, Over the past few days I have had calls about a dog which the man supposedly got from Freshfields but wants to return her.There was no trace of her in our records and nobody remembered this dog from 6 weeks ago. Now I know my memory is not that good but I would have remembered a dog homed that recently.I tried to explain that it was doubtful she was one of our dogs and tried to find out exactly how he obtained her. He became quite verbally aggressive, insisting that he had signed our adoption papers for a gentleman at our "branch" in Porthmadog and where this happened was irrelevant anyway! Once again I tried to explain that we have no men working at our charity shop and the dog was not from our rescue but he would not have it and was very rude.Today he left a message for me saying I was being unprofessional and so he was having the dog put to sleep!! Thankfully in the meantime I found out that the dog had come from another rescue - PAWS and they have now taken the little dog back . Do you think Mr Obnoxious will ring me and apologise? Shall we take bets on it? My bet is that he doesn't!

Over the years people have asked me how to set up a rescue centre for animals and I am sure they have no idea of the abuse we sometimes have to endure from members of the public and if they did would not be half so keen! There have been many times I have felt I could not continue and it has never been because of the animals. I have been in court over a woman who assaulted me because I refused to let her have a dog to keep in a kennel and Dave who was the manager of Liverpool before Helen took over, was punched in the face for the same reason.The protaganist was at the time carrying a baby in his arms. What appalling behaviour, heaven help his children(and wife). Verbal abuse over the telephone, upsetting though it may be , (and it is) is far easier to deal with. believe me.

Maggie is still lame today, one of her legs appears to be swollen so if still the same tomorrow we will call out the vet to have a look at her.
A semi feral mum cat has been admitted with a litter of babies. The lady who found them is going to have the mother cat back when she has weaned the babies and been spayed, which is great news. That is a much better outcome than putting her in the feral enclosure which is already at its maximum residency. We have so many kittens here and with the foster Mums too.Mion is full to the brim, we must begin taking some of her foster family before any more take up the spaces here. If we dont I fear she will become fed up with us and we cannot afford to lose such a committed and dedicated person.

Not much is happening with the dogs at the moment - until some are homed from our foster people, we are unable to admit any new ones.There is a waiting list of course and some are more urgent than others so we have to prioritise when the time comes that there is space. November - December is the worst month for people parting with pets and also the worst one for rehoming them.Most people will wait until after the Christmas holidays to look for new pets , especially dogs which need so much more attention .
Having written that, a couple arrived late afternoon to look at Raven, He had a run in the field with their two collies who were unimpressed by this big boisterous newcomer but there was no aggression, they were just warning him to keep his distance and he = never stopped wagging his tail at the 'girls' who are spayed (though he has not yet worked that fact out!)Anyhow they have taken him on a two week trial.I suggested this because I know that although he is a loveable dog, he is also a handful, has separation anxiety and can be willful around food. All this has been made clear and all I can do is hope that they have enough experience to cope with him.One good thing is that they work from home and their dogs are with them always, even to sleeping in the bedroom. He has as good a chance with this couple as he would do with anyone so I am hopeful.

The dates are set for our Xmas Fairs. 2nd December(thursday) for The Memorial Hall, Penygroes and 4th December(saturday) at The Royal Sportsman Hotel Porthmadog. I am hoping the more than capable Trish from the shop at Port will take over the organisation of that one as I will have my hands full with the Penygroes event. The main prize for the raffles at both events will be Christmas hampers so I am happy to receive donations for this, in fact any unewanted gifts or suitable raffle/tombola prizes will be gratefully accepted.

Its time to walk the dogs so on that note, lets hope there will be no fireworks tonight. There were a few loud bangs last night but nothing that startled the animals too much.Why does it start a week before bonfire night and last a week afterwards? B......y Guy Fawkes has a lot to answer for even if I dont agree with the burning of his effigy.

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