Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Crystal has Pneumonia and Roxy empties the Fruit Bowl.

It was like Victoria Station here today with all the extra people - vet, dentist, farrier and assistant, TV lady and of course the staff who had done as I asked and presented themselves well .True to my word I also behaved myself and refrained from unseemly coarse language and any potentially violent skirmishes with Horrid Hawksworth! (only joking of course, I find the best way to deal with such a person is by ignoring him)No Brawling today then! It remains to be seen whether anything will come of todays assessment with Gwenna the researcher but if it does it may be for a series not just a one off documentary which would be great publicity for the shelter.

Whilst all the activity was going on, Crystal horse was in her stable being anxiously watched over by various members of staff, including myself.We were waiting for the vet to show up anyway but the surgery was rung and told that we had a emergency..Cariad had found Crystal collapsed in the field and she and Rosie just about managed to get her to her feet and make it the few yards to her stable. When Ken the Vet arrived he diagnosed pneumonia (change of weather maybe?),poor Crystal was shivering -even with her outdoor rug on she was cold so we removed this and replaced it with a warmer stable rug and gave her a nice thick bed of straw on which to lie.As I write this she has started to eat and stopped shivering, it is just a matter of waiting now to ensure she passes faecal matter.Her motions have to be daily monitored due to her melanomas.The first sign that she is unable to do this without pain is the time we have to make the dreaded decision. I will never allow an animal to suffer needlessly, it is so easy to keep an animal alive when there is no longer any quality of life left, none of us want to part with 0ur beloved pets but quality of life is all important and sometimes we have to do what is best for the animal regardless of our own feelings of loss and grief. The Vet is hopeful that Crystal will pull through so it is a waiting game now.

Little Titch duly had his bad tooth extracted and was up and walking about a few hours later. Maggie also had to be anaesthetised for her teeth to be checked, not because she needed teeth out but rather that without sedation this quiet little old Shetland becomes a rearing excitable and potentially dangerous stallion.We have to have her sedated whenever the farrier or dentist need to work on her. Naughty Maggie!

The best news of the day is that the gentleman who visited Tess Staffie some weeks ago and who was disappointed by his wifes refusal to take her, came to adopt her today! His wife was not against having her, after all; they had lost a staff from old age which she loved dearly but she was rightfully worried about Tess not being good with visiting grandchildren.It is hard to be sure of this when there are not many children about here but she seems to love everybody she meets which is fairly indicative of an even temperament.She has gone on a two weeks trial so it is all fingers and legs crossed that she does settle in well and for her own sake will not be returned.

A family from Surrey are coming on Saturday to see Roxie a 6 years old dog I have in the house(Im not sure if I mentioned her, sometimes so much happens and I THINK I have written about things and really have forgotten to do so)Anyhow Roxie is another farm dog, (pictured here)tied up and ignored and she is thoroughly enjoying life with me and she is so loving and affectionate I find it hard to think of how lonely her life has been.Her only bad habit is that when I leave her for more than a few hours I go in the house to find she has removed all the oranges from the fruit bowl and they are all scattered round the room.Not eaten or chewed , just moved? At least four times a day I have to search for the missing fruit and replace back into the bowl only for the same to happen as soon as my back is turned! Maybe she just has a fruit fetish? Could be worse.As ex farm dogs go she is pretty well behaved.

I am away for a few days, leaving Mei to look after my dogs and Pooty and Holly no ears of course, I am going to Liverpool for a trustee meeting and on the way back will be stopping off at Abergele to collect some second hand donated horse rugs.If I have time I will pop in to our LLandudno shop and take a few bags of goods that have been brought to the shelter for resale. I may be back Thursday late or Friday morning so no blog until I return.
Paddy should be arriving either Monday or Tuesday, I am getting excited now.

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