Saturday, 30 October 2010

Dana finally leaves us for a Home and more cats arrive.

Rory rabbit and George guinea pig seem to be hitting it off well so they can be homed together which will be nice for them. Rory had come frome a home where he was placed on a trampoline to amuse the children! I can think of kinder ways to keep children occupied! Rabbits are the forgotten pets, over the years I have seen terrible neglect in the way they are kept and the ones we have admitted both to Liverpool and here in Wales.Too often they are bought for children who lose interest and from then on there is no quality of life for the once fussed over pets. I am ashamed to confess that at one time I was one of those children, however my mother would never allow neglect and with some help from me (not a lot)continued to care for mine and they had a good life.Unfortunately this is seldom the case and bunnies everywhere are left locked up bored and frustrated . If anyone has a neighbour with a rabbit or guinea pig kept like this please intervene and try to explain that this is unfair and even try to persuade them to find another home if they have no time for them.
The dog , a springer spaniel which arrived on Thursday evening was suffering from mange and was extremely underweight, no collar or id either. Rhian took him to the Vet the following day and discovered he was under treatment there!The owner went to collect him from the surgery so hopefully that has
a happy ending though I will be following it through because he should at least have had some identification on him. We are flooded with calls every day now, requesting us to take in cats and dogs and this is the first year it is has been so bad that we do not seem to be even making headway with the waiting list we have. What can we do? there is only so much space, so many foster homes and after those spaces are filled we are powerless to help any more. Every year at this time of year leading up to Christmas, we experience the same increase of calls, the same old stories to get rid of pets. Of course there are genuine ones also ,after years of doing work in animal welfare it is not too difficult to differentiate. There are some people(and animals) we all desperately want to help and we try our best to accommodate.
Maggie shetland is a little lame today so we have decided to keep her in and have put down a warm bed of straw for her. The wet weather may be affecting her joints, many of the older ponies have arthritis.Maggie has not shown any previous signs of it so we will keep her in and observe her for a while. Crystal is much better and is back out with the other horses, her previous owner rang today to request a visiting pass for her.(not seriously! this is hardly a prison for horses, more like a 4 star hotel)Crystals owner is one of the genuine ones, she tried her hardest to care for her in very difficult circumstances and we will be pleased to see her when she comes to visit. I wonder if the pony will recognise her? There has been interest shown in the new horse Morris as a companion to another horse , if it results in a home, no homecheck will be required because they already have three of our ponies which are extremely well cared for. Watch this space!
Two gorgeous little tabby kittens were found abandoned and admitted yesterday, also admitted were adult cats Sami and Stripey, 7 years and 5 years whose owner has been made homeless.See photos above;Incidentally The ones I write about and show photos of are not ALL the animals we admit but just a selction as I would not have time to write about every single one.There are usually around 3o kittens here and around 70 adult cats waiting for adoption at any one time, sometimes less, sometimes more. Right now there appears to be a second wave of kittens arriving so we are full to the brim. One of our longterm cats has been lucky this weekend.Dana (pictured top above) who has been here for a year and is one of those cats which just seems to be always overlooked
has finally "sold" herself to a visitor to the cattery. I really think things are looking up now, certainly there have been more enquiries for adopting cats recently, fingers crossed it continues. Most people who come for a cat do end up taking one but it is not so easy for the dogs.There is much more of a criteria to be met for these and I think with so many people having to work full time nowadays, a cat is a better option. There is no doubt that homing dogs is far more difficult. A pleasant surprise- the couple who went away a few days ago
without choosing a kitten actually telephoned to reserve one so that was nice, I did wonder why , out of all the kittens we had that they failed to find one they liked. I suppose some like to go away and think about it rather than leaping into it straight away. As I am so impulsive I find that hard to understand though I know it is probably a sensible action to take.Well I never said I was sensible! Impulsiveness has often led me into trouble but think I am too old to change now.Over the years I have become a little less likely to act impulsively but I still have my moments!
A lovely middle aged tabby has just been admitted, her owner has died and tabby has been alone in the flat for some days. A kind friend has borrowed one of our baskets in order to to bring her here. He did not know her name so Sue has named her Tabitha. We try to give priority to cases like this - when people die leaving pets alone in a property, there is nobody to feed and care for them and it of the utmost urgency they are rescued quickly.
5 adult cats have gone to new homes over the past few days and that is a good number for this shelter. Usually we home one or two and even then we are delighted so this has been a very good weekend and it's not over yet.What might tomorrow bring?
Ps: have refrained with difficulty from more Paddy tales and photos today but I may have to make up for this another day.

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