Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The countdown to Christmas has started.

Maggie shetland (above)is a little better but the vet has been out and she has a swollen leg most likely caused by a kick from another pony, We wanted him to look at Grandad because he has been scouring (runny poo to the uninitiated)) but the naughty boy was determined he would not be caught to have his check up.Grandad of course is one of our elderly shetlands ( and not as some may think my own Grandad long deceased )The Vet says that he is being called out to loads of horses with the same problem at the moment and it is due to the change of weather so Grandad will have antibiotics in his food tonight.We will keep Maggie on pain killers for a few more days and she has antibiotics for her food too ; she should be fine by the weekend. To be honest she is rather enjoying the attention and having all the hay to herself in the stable she shares with Noddy and Leroy
Two cats and five little kittens were admitted today, we really had no room but as it was an emergency we were forced to double up some of the kittens(something we do not like to do)_. These poor animals were discovered this morning on the side of a road in Felinheli in a securely tied black binbag! A lady walking her German Shepherd led her to the bag and she could see something was alive inside. The adult cats are young themselves and the kittens barely 6 weeks old.(pictured here)How could someone do this? This is what to expect now we are on the countdown to the Christmas holidays. Joy and Goodwill to all men, but not to animals! These are the lucky ones because they were found by someone who cared enough to rescue them and bring them to a place of safety for which I am grateful.
I have emailed the local newspaper and hope they will give us some publicity and maybe , just maybe it will prevent others from taking a similar course of action.
It has been a manic day again today, some days it is so quiet and others are completely chaotic with people coming and going, deliveries being made, we office staff trying to do our work amidst visitors arriving and telephone calls being received and made.Xmas puddings having our labels put on by volunteer Julia who also is our one day a week filing clerk, posters being done to advertise our xmas fairs , Veronica valiantly trying to balance the books and even the local Undertaker arriving to see me and No I am not being measured up for a coffin . I did , however, inadvertently reverse into his vehicle a few days ago.(Not occupied fortunately)and made a dent in it.He was very charming about the accident though I dont think I'll be up for any discount later on!
Finally the highlight of the day. We were visited by Steve (pictured here with Tess, now Belle)who has adopted Tess the staffordshire bull terrier. We were all in the caravan having a panad(tea break) and we saw him pull up. Everyone went silent , we were all thinking that Tess was being returned and then Mei went out to see him and he said "dont worry she's not coming back". Collectively we all burst out with a loud cheer which was probably heard next door by Horrid Hawksworth ,who is probably at this moment ringing the Council to complain that we are having fun too loudly!
Steve very kindly offered to take some goods to our LLandudno shop on his way home to Mold, well he did not exactly offer but rather was coerced into it. It was fantastic seeing Belle (Tess) looking so well and so very happy.She had put on weight and was looking brilliant. We are all so happy for her.Emily one of our girls on a work scheme, burst into tears,She had been very fond of Tess, as indeed we all were but to see her today with her new owner was so satisfying.
So it has been a day of ups and downs, anger at the cruel way the cats were abandoned but joy at seeing Tess so clearly enjoying her new life. A 12 weeks pup is arriving tomorrow, another poor abandoned creature, Vanessa will foster him until a home is found. I wonder how Raven is getting on? I am almost too scared to telephone so will put it off until tomorrow.

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