Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hello, Who's This Pretty New Girl?

Thank goodness the main firework frenzy is over! The past 3 nights have been dreadful, I am sick to death of it and there have been so many telephone calls about dogs going missing having been frightened of the loud bangs.Surely by now people know what this does to animals and should be keeping them indoors.Mind you some of the calls were from farmers whose working dogs had either broken their chains or torn open a door to the shed.Poor dogs is all I can say.There is no comfort for them on this nightmare night for animals. Meirwens 2 chihuahuas Ella and Benjy were so scared she was worried they would have heart attacks , she was especially concerned because Ella had a fit of some sort last week .Thankfully theyboth survived to see another day, no thanks to this horrible'celebration'!!! When will it be banned?

Roy has telephoned about a van with 3 collies inside which has been left unattended in a car park seemingly for over 24 hours, the police have been to investigate but say there is nothing can be done as no crime appears to have been committed. I have suggested Roy return and put a notice on the car asking the owner to contact us immediately. There may be an innocent explanation but it has to be monitored for the welfare of the dogs. Will keep this situation updated.
Two little 10 years old Jack Russells have been homed today to keith and Brenda from Rugby.They had lost both their jack russells from old age and were delighted to find these two lovely dogs whose owner had been unable to take them with her when she moved house. They all took to each other immediately and somehow they looked right together.An ideal match,I would say.The happy four pictured here just before they left for their long drive home.
A gentleman is coming tomorrow to see Sam one of our permanent residents, I say he is permanent because we had thought he would never a home and he has been with us for a year .He is a lovely dog and is very popular with the staff but he does not take to strangers and because of this we have had to take particular care when visitors come. Once he knows people he is a great dog, easy to take out, good on recall too. Tomorrow may not be the outcome we want but its worth a try.I have told the gentleman all about Sams idiosyncrasies so fingers crossed.

A beautiful grey longhaired stray (semi feral)kitten has been admitted, she has been born to a feral mum but has been handled a little so is not too scared and wild . The lady who had been feeding her and mum is in her eighties and could no longer cope.Feral Mum has only partial sight so she has to be trapped and taken to the vet for both spaying and have her eyes checked.If there is something badly wrong with her sight she will have to come here. We are full to the brim with cats both domestic and feral , kittens too and so once again(rather unhappily) we have had to squeeze one in with others the same age.As soon as she met them, she started to purr and rub up against them and seems happy to be back with other cats. Pictured here meeting her new friends.
It was a very cold night last night, there was frost on the car this morning and so it is now time to start doing the heat pads for the outside cats here. The main cattery has heating but one of the feral sheds where some of the free roaming cats sleep does not so until the electricity is sorted they will have heatpads, Once heated in the microwave they remain hot for about 12 hours.For now, this will keep the older ferals warm. I don't heat the Feral enclosure because if they go to homes on farms /stables they will not have this ,so although I want desperately to mollycoddle them, it would not be fair in the long run.As it is they have sheds and baskets /boxes with warm bedding inside.

After writing about the possibility of publishing a book on life in Freshfields, a couple of readers contacted me about it so I will look at some options for doing this cheaply, it is worth considering if it does not cost a fortune. First I need to find a ghost writer, that may prove difficult as I have no idea how to find one! I will try the internet when I have spare time.

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