Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bronson becomes Pickles.

Being totally cowardly I copped out of ringing the Raven people and asked Mei to do it for me! The good news is that he is doing really well so I feel a lot happier about the outcome of the 2 week trial. I would hate for him to be returned, well of course I hate any animal being returned because it makes them more insecure each time it happens. Anyhow its looking pretty hopeful for him especially as he has bonded with one of the collies in particular - strangely it was the one who was most scared of him when they met.
The abandoned pup was admitted and he is a sweetie. He was named Bronson(after Charles Bronson) but I wanted a softer gentler sounding name so he is now Pickles.So many staff and mastiff types are named after macho men like Bronson and Boxer Mike Tyson and I fear this adds to the bad public image of dominant, scary fierce canines. He does look as though he has some staffordshire bull terrier in him and he is now meeting cats and other dogs to socialise him but actually he appears to be quite a gentle pup so feel he will be suitable to rehome where there are other pets( one of the bonuses admitting them at this age)
Local newspaper The Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald don't want to publish the abandoned kitten story . Its a shame as I wanted to get the message across NOW to people who may be considering dumping unwanted pets. THIS is the time it needs publicising but the papers have their own agenda - I think they just want to do a story nearer Christmas. The Wales Daily Post, however, are interested and I have sent the story and photos to them today.They want a story for the weekend so it should be in this coming weekend. It would be great if it brings some homes AND some donations too. Both mums and the five babies are adorable though one kitten is very tiny and frail so we are giving him extra food in case he is not managing to feed off mum or is getting pushed out of the feed bowl by the bigger, stronger kittens.
The two shelters will have a joint newsletter this Christmas and then I need to get started on our annual bilingual one though that will probably take me until Spring to write and get printed/sent out. Our wonderful helpers in Anglesey have organised a Christmas Fair in Bentllech. at the ex Servicemans Hall(off the main square>Bentllech,Anglesey from 5pm .8th December (wednesday) so that coupled with the other 2 in Penygroes and Porthmadog will bring us in some much needed funds leading up to Christmas.
December - March are the worst months for us financially. The shops are closed for a period over the holiday and afterwards nobody has any money to spend so it is very quiet in the shops.That is why it is important we try to bring in as much as we can now . We just may be also able to organise another xmas fair in LLandudno if we can find the right venue.Steve and Jan from our LLandudno shop are looking into it at this minute so if successful we will be steaming ahead with that and will need helpers and cake bakers in that area also..Any offers?
Veronica has just suggested I write a book about life here, in fact I did have a go some years ago before I moved to Wales(and still have the battered manuscript)but its pretty amateurish like this blog so I would need a ghost writer and then getting published is not easy so the best option would be to self publish and then hope it would be taken over at some stage by a publishing company(if sales were good enough) I looked into it at one time but it would cost about £2,000(probably more now) just to have a small print off.(a small number of books) I would like to go down this route some time, it MIGHT be a good fundraiser.

Another day is almost over, it is blowing a gale and is raining and dark , Mei is bringing in the horses and ponies who are all waiting anxiously at their respective gates.None want to stay out now as they did a few weeks ago. Who can blame them? They enjoy their evening meals in comfort, as indeed I do! What can I make that is quick and easy? Jacket potato again I think followed by a couple of Julias flapjacks. What I would really like is a big meat free roast dinner,lots of roasties and veg and slices of meatfree turkey but at the end of the day I simply feel too tired to cook. and anyway I suppose a jacket potato is healthier and less fattening..Think I will make an effort and have a roastie this weekend, it will be something to look forward to (providing I dont burn it!) Of course I will have to share with Paddy, Patch and Suzy.My dogs are always incredibly rude , spoiled and badly trained BUT I LOVE THEM.


Maria said...

I've been to Freshfields a few times, you do a wonderful work; I know I may not be in the right place but hopefully you can help me.
I've been trying to find a place to rehome a terrapin, and I can't find anything at all!
"They" shouldn't be allowed to sell this tiny little cute animals without warning people that they turn into a very, very big/pond living size!
And I live in a flat! Can you help, please?

Thank you

lesley said...

Pilis Palace in Anglesey may take in the Spring. I asked them about another I knew of and they agreed.They have ideal place for them but wont take at this time of year.ring them now to request and to arrange.
good luck,

Margaret Hall said...

Re self-publishing a book, it would actually cost virtually nothing to do it via a print-on-demand company like Lulu.

You prepare the manuscript yourself and upload it and people can order online and the POD publisher handles all the orders. The quality of the books is excellent. Just like a paperback that you would buy in the shops.

Maria said...

Thank you so much lesley, I do appreciate your help. I'll keep that in mind.