Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Where are they all coming from?

was speaking to Mary from Colwyn Bay Cats Protection League and we were both saying that we have never know a year like this one for stray and abandoned cats. Every animal shelter I klnow is full to the brim and this year the kittens have been arrivinbg non stop. Years ago winter was the time when there were no kittens around and it gave us the opportunity to rehome the adult cats.Not so nowadays and the sheer numbers of cats and kittens is completely overwhelming.People are turning up daily with them and we simply have no more space. It is so very hard to turn them away but what can one do? If there is no space that is it. I always give advice and try to make them wait for a space here and most will do that, if I really think a cat is at risk I would take it but it would have to come in the house and I already have too many pets .

Anyhow on to the dog situation. it looks like Carlo , Jim and Branwen will be going on Friday. Little Timmy the collie from the Dog Pound may be going but I will advertise him until I am sure of that home turning up trumps. Someone brought in a young collie female, rather nervous(as they mostly seem to be!) and a Jack russell was found on the beach near Pwllheli - we have called him Basil because he has a rough coat like Basil Brush! He is a sweet dog about 12 months of age, he cowers quite a bit if you bend down to stroke him which is unusual for this breed which are generally quite outgoing dogs. Ben the Westie has had dozens of offers of homes so I am sifting through them to find the best one. I wish other dogs would have the same response. Poor Gel collie has been searching for a home(well we have been looking for him) for 4 months has had not one offer and he is a lovely dog, not the prettiest collie but loveable all the same. At 2 years he is the oldest collie we have and the younger ones are always snapped up first. I'm sure he will find someone nice soon.
Pictured from top Basil, Rosie(left) and Timmy(right)

I went to pick up a second hand washing machine today so we can start washing the animal bedding again now. It was great to see one of our rescued dogs at the house where we collected it. Hadley, now called Harvey was one of the winners of our dog show last year.He is a lovely grey lurcher and it was good to see him in such a nice home. That is such a boost,its one of my favourite things, to see dogs rescued from a dog pound or bad homes ,so close to a death sentence and then there they are happy and contented in lovely homes where they are cossetted and adored. Its worth every other negative thing that happens when living and working at an animal shelter.

I have just had a call about two cats booked in to a vet to be destroyed. Yes its about the woman who called here yesterday! I could shake her. I dont know what to do, we have no space at all.The only thing I can think of is to place another pen on top of an existing pen in the staff tearoom(caravan)hardly ideal for the cats or the staff who have little enough room in there to enjoy their tea break anyway but I dont know what else to do.I feel very angry with the owner who has had weeks to let me know that she was moving and chose to call the day before! Why do they do it? I am very fed up!

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