Thursday, 11 November 2010

Paddy and Ben turn their backs to the camera

Today I have recovered my equilibrium and am tackling the phone with a measure of calmness and aplomb! Actually it has been a quieter day today so it was not difficult. Its when the going gets tough that I get going!As Michael Winner says in that awful motoring advert "calm down, calm down". I hereby take the vow to do so from hereon.
Raven, I am pleased to say has done well during the two week trial and his prospective owners are delighted with him. I would have found it hard to find a better home.I had told them before they took him that in his eagerness to have my company he had destroyed the door frame in the kitchen in a desperate attempt to get to me.If I ever find a man who would go to such lengths I will declare myself his forever!(as long as he resembles either Richard Gere or Bruce Springsteen)
So at least now we know that Raven is not returning and we can admit another needy dog. There are several collies waiting for places including one in the local dog pound.That one will be a priority.
I found some more photos of Old Ben though as usual my photographic expertise was poor and I only had his bottom in most of the photos. I like the fact you can see how much they are enjoying themselves and even old Ben was lively.Its hard to believe that these were only taken just a week ago. These are with Paddy and not Molly as shown the other day, and young Jim collie in the background .(Jim adores Big Paddy and is always grovelling on the floor around him and licking his face) In the flesh Paddy is much larger and more masculine looking than Moll was. Its good to see Paddy starting to relax and even enjoy an occasional romp with the other dogs.Today , though he has not been so good on his back legs, I think the cold has affected him - I am waiting for a day coat to be made and hope it will be done soon. In the meantime I will keep the heating on for him during cold days.Have just discovered that Roys daughter who has brought her two dogs back recently from Hong Kong has been concerned about her dobermanwhich has been diagnosed with the same problem as Paddy, fused vertebrae.It is more common than I realised.Several of the staff here have known dogs with it too.

One of the cat places has been taken today by a lovely big black cat which had been hanging around a house in the village here for some weeks. He is another one for neutering this week if we can get an appointment. Another two will be arriving on Sunday along with a little Westie whose owner is about to be evicted and I am trying to find a place for another local stray, a big ginger I am told which has been around for months. Now it is becoming so cold these cats are trying their best to find a safe haven and as the cold weather gets worse more and more animals will be doing this which means more pressure on us to find space for them. As always we will do our best,At least some cats are finding homes right now, the catchat website helps a lot with this.Its the feline equivalent of Dogsblog and without them we would be really struggling for homes. Whoever started these two sites deserve medals. Photos of the new cats in next blog.

It is possible I have found a "ghost writer" to help me with publishing a book. The lady from Great Dane Rescue has put me in touch with someone so I am waiting to receive a reply from my last email to her.Another friend has offered to help me find my way round the self publishing site me totally!) so it looks as though it may become a reality. Maybe by next Christmas we will be able to sell the book to raise funds.

Finally I had to chuckle at the sight of Mei doing a Forrest Gump down the track(run Forrest, run!) as she desperately tried to overtake eight wayward ponies which had decided to go in the opposite direction to where she was directing them. It was hilarious ,Thanks Mei, I really needed some hilarity to end the day and that was a cracker!.


john mike said...

hi leslie, what about a bruce willis lookalike

lesley said...

Its the real thing or nothing!