Sunday, 14 November 2010

Big Ginge and others visit the Vet

There is now a sixth pony to be returned, this time it is Axel who went to our next door neighbour 6 years ago. Due to a change in personal circumstances she feels unable to cope w ith the number of horses she has currently. Fortunately there is no absolute urgency and we will try to find another home for him.Axel came in from to us after he was part of the annual round up of Dartmoor ponies which are then sent to market.He was one of those rescued. we took him and two others and my god they were wild!These poor ponies suffer greatly during the round up, they are wild and unused to people so the trauma of being caught and put in horse boxes and sent to market is incredibly scary for them. It took a long time to get them used to people handling them and to be fit to be rehomed. It is a great shame he has to be moved from where he has become settled and used to the other ponies but these things happen unfortunately.

Today we admitted a little West Highland terrier and a cat from the same home where the owner is being evicted. The cat is in a dreadful state, underweight, scabby and with what could be a tumour in her mouth(see photo)There is another cat yet to come, I hope she is in a better condition than this one who will see a Vet tomorrow. The Westie is ok but a bit bolshie (I think the owner has been rough with him)but it is early days yet and he could just be being male - I will have him neutered this week. Pictured also is poor old Devil Cat mentioned on Friday who is still very very bad tempered and intimidating all the staff. We also admitted a dear little collie from the Dog Pound, and there is someone interested in him already! Things are going well at the moment. Long may it continue.
Both Raven and Taz seem to be settling in well in their respective homes and it restores my belief that there is the right home out there somewhere for every dog. Maybe there is also the right home for poor old Devil Cat, someone with no other pets and a great deal of patience?

Helen who manages the shelter in Liverpool came up with her partner today, brought the joint Xmas newsletters and installed a programme for me on the computer.The idea is that I will be able to set out my own newsletters which will save costs, however there was a lot to absorb and after a while Helens instructions started to go over my head. I think I will just have to try it out and learn by my own mistakes.

The little collie is still not reserved although the family came again today and brought their own dog to see how they liked each other.They really got on well and enjoyed chasing each other round the field, lots of wagging tails were apparent so it went well.Nevertheless they are a little unsure so it is best they go away and think about it.He will be so easy to home anyway that I know he will not be with us for long. At under a year old and so loving and affectionate he is the sort of dog most people want. A car has just pulled into the yard whilst I write this, a wiry coated jack russell has been found on the beach at Pwllheli, he is in good condition though still has male attributes! There is a good chance he may be claimed.Lets hope so. They had no sooner left than another car pulled up, they had a 10 yrs old cat in a carrier and wanted me to take him .We are completely full here and it is just not on when they turn up with no prior call. There is a waiting list of urgent cases to help and we have taken cats off these people before so they know how it works.Their reason - they are moving to a flat in 2 days! I feel so sorry for the cat so have come to a compromise with them, they take her and their other cat with them and I will place them on a priority list to take as soon as we have space.That seemed to work.

The tabby has been to the vet and she has an abscess in her mouth , she must have been unable to eat for some time, no wonder she is thin.The other cat from the same home came in this afternoon, Roy from Caernarfon shop has been kind enought to help with this rescue.(he is always quick to deal with any request made to him concerning animals) and he seems to be in pretty good condition.(the cat not Roy! Though Roy is ok too!)
Big Ginge one of our old resident cats who lives in the conservatory has also been to the Vet, he is losing weight and I wondered if he has had a stroke.He has a heart murmer and the Vet has given us tablets to give him which will help this condition and his kidneys which are also starting to show signs of old age. Big Ginge is such a lovely old man, he originally came from a home in Anglesey.His owner had worked in cat rescue for many years and he was one of a multitude of cats we took when she died. There are just 4 remaining now at the shelter, they will live their lives out here. Pictured here is Big Ginge with some of his pals.

Westie Ben is fine, a friendly dog, I think yesterday he was just a little bewildered.

I have just taken my dogs out on the fields, their last exercise of the day (and mine) and it is starting to feel as though winter is definitely here. Why is it when each season starts I can never find suitable clothes?Where are last winters warm jumpers, gloves and hats? Then when I find them eventually and spring starts I cannot find any cooler clothes? Is this down to a clothes thief or more to my disastrous self organisation? No cant possibly be that, I blame the seasonal clothes thief!

PS: Thought Handyman John too lazy to come to do his usual DIY stuff! seems however he is poorly and laid up with flu like symptoms.Sorry John I know you love it here and have to be very ill to prevent you turning up!!!!!!!!! Hope you get better soon and I will never call you names again. Honestly!


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