Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Carlo is rescued and I need a break from the phone!

The dogs in the Van case has been solved. Roy placed a notice on the van and I received a text message from the owner saying they were in the middle of moving house and the dogs were being fed and exercised and were about to be moved to their new home. It was not the best thing they could have done, leaving them unattended in a car park but perhaps they had little choice?It does seem a strange thing to do -anyhow the dogs have gone and in all fairness they did look in good condition and appear to be wellcared for.There are worse things around to worry about whether I agree with the way they dealt with their problem or not. My time at the moment is completely taken up with organising the next fundraiser and trying to deal with the many requests to take unwanted pets. The Daily Post didn't publish the promised article about the abandoned kittens but the Bangor Chronicle will be doing so this week.I hope it will bring in a few donations and homes.
The gentleman DID come to see Sam at the weekend and is coming back again this weekend to spend more time with him. It is looking fairly hopeful, Sam did his usual warning to strangers but he was not put off by that and took him for a long walk, he thinks Sam is beautiful and we can only hope that their next meeting will bear fruit(not literally of course!)
There are several youngsters here working on the new Government scheme to get young people into work and it is great to see things being done that we have had no time for. Emily and Nicola mainly help with the cats and dogs and Harley and Gary are currently helping John and Dave rebuilding some stone walling which had collapsed next to Kitty Kottage. Whilst feeding the ferals at the back of Kitty Kottage I slipped and fell off the surrounding wall, although shocked I was unhurt but had a sore back for a few days.(Calamity Jane rides again!)I dont want another accident to occur with someone else so it is a great relief to see this being sorted out.
There has been a surge of interest in the adult cats this week and 2 have been rehomed with another possible two going at the weekend. Of course there are many on the waiting list so already one place has been taken up and the other about to be. If only we had 10 more blocks of cat pens! I'm afraid to confess that as the number of calls on the phone asking for us to take pets has escalated to the point where I am now completely overwhelmed, my patience is also wearing thin with some callers.I try to be as polite as possible but just occasionally I find myself being more than a little caustic and this is not at all helpful and I am immediately ashamed of my lack of self control when it happens. When one is answering calls all day and many are distressing, it can have a bad effect mentally and in the past I have been guilty of having 'melt downs' on a regular basis.Nowadays I am more able to let things go over my head (one of the benefits of getting older maybe?) but sometimes I do find myself losing patience.One such call came the day before yesterday.I was dealing with Bens death, amongst other things and the phone was incessant. THis particular caller was no better or worse than most but when she was scathing about the poor stray cat desperately trying to find shelter and safety on Bonfire night, I felt compelled to tell her that she was not a stray through choice and it was no fault of hers that she needed a safe place to shelter, the caller took offence and hung up.Then I worried myself sick about about the cat but she left no number for me to call her back. That has preyed on my mind all week.So it is simply not worth it to voice ones true feelings, in the end it will be the animal which suffers.Incidentally this caller was a cat owner, wouldn't you think she would have a little more compassion? I know I should not have said anything but at the end of the day I am only human,(at least I think I am!) No comments on this please.
On the other side of the coin, I meet lovely people who restore(almost) my faith in the human race. People like the lady in Anglesey who has daily watched a neighbours dog being neglected and abused and having tried other avenues to gain help for him, finally took it into her own hands .She and her husband have taken the dog off their neighbour whilst he was abusing him and threatened them with the RSPCA if he failed to hand him over. They have also arranged to to have the dog neutered before he comes to us. Pictured here is Carlo who will be coming to us next weekend.
Rant of the Week:
So many would have turned a blind eye and ignored Carlos' plight ,not wanting to upset a neighbour. For years I have begged people who have telephoned me with similar stories to go to the aid of these abused pets but very few will do so. I suppose many are understandably scared that they will suffer retribution themselves if they are to intervene and the law does little to protect these innocent animals. Providing they have access to water and are not dying from starvation or the owner is literally caught in the act of harming it, it seems that they get away with it time after time. I so wish that the law came down more heavily on animal abusers and saw the connection between this and acts of violence towards human beings. Fines are simply not enough for most animal related crimes. I wonder to myself if I saw a child being abused would I intervene?Would I think twice about the perpetrator being a neighbour and possible future consequences/retribution? Actually I know that this would not prevent me taking action. There is nothing worse than sitting back and doing nothing to help victims of abuse whether it be human or animal.That said, I admit that I WOULD think twice about intervening in the street it involved adults - with knife crime so prevalent everyone needs to be aware of the repercussions. So maybe I am not as foolhardy and headstrong as I like to think I am? nevertheless I like to think that I would not walk on by and would do something to help even if it was not to fling myself on top of the assailant!

Morris, (pictured here)one of the new horses is still incredibly thin and we are wondering if he has something more serious underlying so its time to call out the Vet again and re assess his situation.He is not suffering but it would be good to know of he has only a short time left or whether there is anything can be done for him. The previous owner reneged on her promise to return with his rugs the following weekend after we admitted him,I am now wondering if she knew he had something more seriously wrong with him? We have not yet decided what to do about Sorrell and her operation, whether we will forge ahead with the appeal for funding for it is still undecided but is likely we will address this in the new Year.

Photos are of Emily and Harley exercising our resident collies

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