Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gill makes herself at home in France and 2 cats are admitted.

Another collie has been brought in, another one for Rosie I think. One of my neighbours found her locally ,she is thin and matted and is delirious to be with people again, has she been out wandering for some time perhaps? It is rare to find a collie being so clingy, especially the farm dogs who are unused to much attention anyway.On the other hand it is unlikely she has been a pet, she is far too dirty and unkempt looking.Another mystery which may or may not be solved! Had Gill collie not been homed to France a few days ago, I would swear that this was her, they are almost identical, even to their personalities. Collie females are nearly always in demand so I shall go through my list of people waiting for a sheepdog. Incidentally I heard from Gills new carer today, Gill managed the journey to France very well and has settled in well with the other welsh collie(see photo) She has had her blood test done there , so she will be able to travel back to the Uk anytime with her full passport. She is a very lucky dog, there is plenty of land there for her to run about in and she even has a Welsh Owner so she does not need to learn a new language!
Old Bramble is very wobbly on his legs and I think his organs are about to go into failure.He is still coming for walks but his gait is less and less steady and when he lies down he struggles to get up.Coupled with the panting he does which is an indication of heart problems I think his time is near. I am just glad he did not go to the Dog Pound when he was found and has instead spent a happy time with me in the house.
The kitten room is ready to open again, nothing is sneezing and all inmates are looking good, what a relief, I thought we were heading for a full blown Flu virus.
A gorgeous tabby cat has come in, she was found in the Caernarfon area and at the moment I am anxious to bring in any strays from around the town due to a spate of cat killings and disappearances. One of our Freshfields cats has recently been shot dead , she was rehomed a s a kitten and was just nine months old ,its a terrible situation and many cat owners are so frightened for their pets that they are keeping them indoors at the moment. Youngsters are suspected and that is probably right but if caught what will happen to them - NOT A LOT. Its not much comfort to those who lose their pets this way.Anyhow this cat is quite heavily pregnant so will go to one of our fosterers to have her babies in comfort
Handyman John left his tools behind to collect a cat for us from an estate in Bangor, she was found in a box with a kitten and she is barely more than a kitten herself. Unfortunately the kitten had already been given away(I say unfortunately because the mother cat seems distressed and still has milk).
No sooner had I settled her into a pen and given her food when a family turned up wanting two kittens.Just the sort of home I like, where their own cats had been with them for many years and eventually died of natural causes.I dont mean I like them because their cats died ! I like the fact that they had kept them for their lifetime. Well Mei and I are so thrilled, they have chosen not two but THREE black and white kittens about 10 weeks of age. Admittedly Mei did try her old "why have 2 if you can have 3 technique but I have a feeling they had it in mind anyway once they saw the three siblings.
Sorrell has bonded with Shane and Bobby, two of the Anglesey ponies and when we tried to put her out in a field today, she fretted for them so we had to bring her back. As Bobby and Shane have laminitis they cannot go out in the field just yet which is why we decided to put Sorrell out with other ponies but she was not having any of it, she has made friends and that is it. Sorrell
has decided Little Bobby and Shane are to be in her gang so we will have to find a way round the fact that they need different routines and work with it. I am glad she has settled in so easily and far be it for me to come between friends. The sore on her neck is healing well and she has almost finished her antibiotics.
This summer(!) we had real problems finding someone to come and shear our sheep and only today did we manage to get them done. Rosie managed to find a man willing to do it and who
donated his services too.I am so relieved, and also glad it is warmer.Mind you they have a shelter if they need it though they seldom do. Heather, one of our volunteers was delighted to take the fleeces away with her for some creative reason,I dont think she was going to spin it but she had something in mind for it so we were only too pleased for her to take it away.
Next time she comes to help I must remember to ask her exactly what she did with it.
No blog Friday, next one will be Sunday.

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john mike said...

just like to say what a nice kind lady leslie is she went and bought me and herself some cakes today--------- with my own money????? warning to all freshfield staff dont show her your wallets .you may never see it again