Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Two Very Happy Dogs and A Hungry Mother Cat

Today I went to try and sort out the staff problem at the Llandudno Charity shop, the meeting went well and I hope led to a clearer understanding between shop management ,myself and the Trustees. Often poor comunication can lead to major problems so hopefully this will not happen again. This shop has been a worry since the beginning as it has a high rent and some weeks we have struggled to make a profit but the current Manager Jan has done exceedingly well in improving the income.We still, however need to make more to make it truly viable . Raising funds is no joy, believe me, it can be a permanent headache. We are hoping to garner some publicity and try to establish a fundraising committee in that area.

A farmer has brought us a lovely young collie female with a wall eye called Nell (the dog not the eye!)which is no use working and a gentleman who visited us on the day of the sponsored dog walk is interested in taking her AND Jim(the collie I have in the house) He is taking them on trial this weekend - not something we usually do but in this case two collies can be a handful so it is fair. Gel the other farm dog is also reserved, I think I did mention that, his new people are coming for him this Sunday and are really looking forward to it according to their email to me this morning. We are doing so well at the moment, our collies are being snapped up, long may it last.

Luca Gsd is pictured here in his new home with his new friend , a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who keeps him in his place. Just what this young lad needed . Luca aso shown sitting on top of Ian (that looks uncomfortable) who has clearly had a hard day!I have also heard from the other Gel(so many Welsh collies have this name) who lives part of the year in Spain. Some may remember that he is the middle aged collie who had been on a chain for years, his muscles had atrophied and he was the saddest dog I had ever seen. He lived with us for a year before these kind people fell in love with him, just Look at how different his life is now.It is a year since he left us for his new life.Pictured after a hard day in the Olive Grove!!He looks great, so happy and has put on weight which has improved his appearance. Clearly I am speaking of Gel here! I dont want to receive an email about my personal comments about his new owner! Incidentally why is that the men pictured are always taking it easy? It is joy to have these communications from our Freshfields pets, or rather their new owners.It makes my day. Next time try and stay awake and keep your clothes on Lads! Incidentally a few days ago I had a phone call from a man saying the Police had told him that I may have his German Shepherd which had gone missing.I asked him to wait whilst I found a pen and paper to take his details, he hung up and did not ring back!! I think that confirms that he was the owner who took Luca to the Police Station saying he was a stray.maybe he just wanted to know of the dog was safe.Who knows what goes on in the minds of some people?At the end of the day thanks to his lies Luca could have ended up in a Dog Pound and been put down. Well his loss is someone elses gain. He is a beautiful animal.

A little Jack Russell has gone to be fostered, I had known about this dog for some time and I knew many people were very unhappy about his situation so I am glad to be able to help now. I am not saying who is fostering because last time the owner went to the house of the lady fostering and she was very upset(understandably)That time he wanted the dog back, this time he will not be getting him back just because he changed his mind. Animals are not toys to be discarded when it suits and this little dog deserves better. He has made up his mind that he no longer wants him, the dog is signed over and that is the end of that.

Mum cat, now called Tiffany and her new babies have gone to be cared for by Gails sister Tanya who has looked after many of our cat families.The kittens will come back to the shelter for homing once they are old enough to leave mum. Pictured here whilst they were in my bedroom! Tiffany was just so glad to be somewhere warm and to have food on tap she was ecstatic and never stopped purring.Her babies seemed to be doing well once mum had enough to eat.I think that is the reason one youngster did not make it. How could she possibly feed a litter of hungry babies when she herself was starving?

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