Friday, 17 September 2010

The Boys are back in Town

The Boys Are Back In Town! Well they will be on saturday anyway and they are actually two boys and a girl ! I just thought that title sounded good! (photos will be posted tomorrow late evening) I have been so anxious to bring them home with the sudden change in the weather.Old Callie(38 years old) looks well, as does the Big Boy but Freddie will be coming back just in time, he is starting to drop weight;being part thoroughbred he is not as hardy as the other two and does not winter as well . We managed to find a neighbour who owned a horsebox who is willing to transport them back for us. Our own horse trailer needs a new axel on the wheel(I think thats what it is?) so is out of use until that is fixed. Mind you it would only be suitable for carrying ponies or smaller horses than Buster and this way all three will; moved in one go which is nicer for the horses.It is wonderful having free grazing for so many of our horses during the summer months but I do enjoy seeing them return. The winter months do mean more hard work, particularly for the horse staff and it is a time when few volunters will brave the conditions to help out here so I shall try to find someone else through one of the organisations setting up to help people get back into work. The only problem with these is that many of the men and women who opt to work with animals are halfhearted about it and it becomes apparent when they stop turning up every day and make excuses for failing to turn in. Eventually it becomes a nuisance which is a shame as there are some who genuinely enjoy working but it does rather put me off taking more on through these schemes.Is it worth the paperwork involved?

You can tell winter is not far away if only because of the increase in telephone calls and emails requesting us to take in horses.If only I had acres and acres of land and plenty of money I would find it hard to refuse any of them. Todays request was for a 16.2hands cross Cleveland Bay who has developed problems with his back and his hind leg, the vet has said he must not be ridden and he is kept at an expensive livery yard so once again a horse is unwanted for the same reason, he cannot be ridden.It truly breaks my heart. I will try very hard to find this fellow a good home but as his owner says not many people want a horse this size as a companion to another.They want smaller cheaper to feed and care for companion animals. I am waiting for a photograph of him so I can start looking for a suitable home. Please god let me find one.

I have come to an arrangement with the Dogs Trust,depending on whether Jennifer the kennel owner (and Dog Pound)will participate, They have agreed that she can send neutering vouchers out with any dogs she rehomes herself or are claimed by their owner and any dogs which we home from that Dog Pound will also come under the same scheme.This means a lot to us, the cost of neutering is very high and our vets bill escalates rapidly if we are having to neuter dogs as well as cats. In return I will follow up those she has rehomed herself with vouchers and ensure that they have been used.A small price to pay for such welcome assistance. They have also agreed to cover the costs of the last 6 dogs we have had spayed/neutered but from now on owners of dogs we take will have to either have them neutered themselves via the voucher scheme(and I am not convinced many will bother) or they will have to allow us to photocopy their pension book or benefit document in order for us to receive help with the cost. All in all I am pleased to be able to work with the Dogs Trust to promote the sterilisation of dogs in Wales. I am even more pleased to know that they are setting up a scheme to promote the neutering of farm dogs. I will be first in line to help them with that. It is fine for me and others to take a few of these unwanted dogs but if so many were not being bred it would be a lot more sensible and shelters like mine would not be under so much pressure to take them in. There is only so much anyone can do and the numbers of unwanted farm collies is overwhelming. Its good to know there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Just had another call from a farmer wanting to part with FOUR sheepdogs, no good for working. In all fairness this farmer treats his dogs well, we have had dealings with him in the past and he actually has one of our horses on loan which is wonderfully cared for and cossetted. I have seen him and his brother cuddling the dogs in their arms and unlike some of the farm dogs, his are neither neglected nor scared of human beings. Nevertheless they are farmers and the dogs are for working but he would never want anything untoward to happen to them and I prefer to help rather than condemn in this case. There is a family from Wolverhampton coming to see Gel the 2 years old sheepdog which we had neutered last week; Gel has been with his owners who were happy to hang on to him until we had a possible home.Heres hoping it works out tomorrow..

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