Saturday, 18 September 2010

Photos of the Horses coming home for Winter.

Photos are of Buster arriving back and Vanessa in pink welcoming him home. Sorrell watching the proceedings with great interest from her field., Freddie and Callie arriving minutes later and me leading Freddie out. Buster had been watching the road for half an hour and when he spotted the horsebox he did not take his eyes off it until it drove into the yard. He came forward and touched noses with Freddie and Callie and then followed them into the stables. True friendship.
More Good news - Gel sold himself and has been reserved for a very nice family who are experienced with rescued farm dogs. When the farmer brought him in this morning Gel was a very subdued animal but after a few walks here and lots of hugs he started to brighten up; by the time the visitors arrived to see him he was a different dog and made a big fuss of them. He will not be able to go to his new home for another week but he has a whole new and better life ahead of him - a week more in our care is neither here nor there and at least he is off his chain now and is being treated with compassion and respect.
A little tortoishell cat called Penny has left us today, she had spent her 4 years of life indoors in a flat, her owner had mental health issues and was unable to care for her any longer.Penny has been here for about 6 months and nobody showed interest in her , yet this week she has had 2 offers of homes. Strange how that happens sometimes. Its all or nothing! 2 kittens which were reserved have also been collected today and I am currently trying to sort out help for a mother cat and newborn kittens who have taken up residence in a shed in Anglesey. From what I gather mum is not feral as she has allowed the lady who owns the property to stroke her, with mums and new borns I am reluctant to move them straight away in case the mother cat rejects her babies.It is often best to allow her to settle and start feeding her litter and bonding with them before attempting to move the family. In this case they have to be moved soon as the lady will not be there from thursday onwards, she is going away on holiday so there will be nobody to feed them.
Vanessa has been fostering Tess for a month and due to the fact the little dog has some staffordshire bull terrier in her, it has proved rather difficult to find her a suitable home ,however today a very nice lady came to see her who has just lost a Freshfields dog from old age but she must have a dog which is good with cats . (I love these proven good homes) The dog she lost was a Staffordshire and she loves this type of dog.Tess will be ideal because she is being fostered in a home with cats and should be perfect.
It is our sponsored dog walk tomorrow, fingers crossed for the rain to stay away and for lots of people to turn up with their dogs and for the sponsor money to come rolling in! Veronica is coming in to do the refreshments, Im sure a hot cup of tea or cofffee will be very welome by the walkers if it is as cold as it is today.
I have spent the day in the office trying to catch up with some of the paperwork and answering the phone.I try to be as pleasant and polite as I can possibly be but sometimes it is hard to muster the enthusiasm to put on this front with certain callers. Callers like the one I have just spoken to who was reporting a missing shih Tzu only to tell me the 11 years old dog had been missing since thursday sometime!! When I queried this vagueness about the time she told me she was away on holiday for a week, the dog was left in the back yard with her mother popping in twice a day to check on him and although he was there in the morning he had vanished by the evening!!! How could you leave a little elderly lapdog like that in a back yard for a week? I did in fact tell her that was the wrong thing to do, I just could not help myself. He was neither microchipped nor wearing ID on his collar though it sounds to me more like he has been stolen.I just hope it was not kids who took him, I would like to think someone kind heard the dog crying and knew the owner had gone away on holiday and has taken him to a better home. I know it is not an action I should be condoning but that is no way to care for an animal.
It is now pouring with rain, the horses have settled down and are munching away at their hay and it is time for me to go and munch away at my meal, that is if it isn't burnt! I did put it on low heat so with a bit of luck it will be edible.(for a change)

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