Sunday, 19 September 2010

Supporters brave the weather .

The sponsored dog walk was a success. In spite of the weather being grim, cold and wet,around fifty stalwarts turned out with dogs and those who had no pet of their own 'borrowed' a dog from the shelter.Charley Patch was borrowed by Meis' twin nieces Elin and Eleri who had enthusiastically collected sponsorship from nearly everybody in Nebo Village and at last count there was £60 which was good going.Thanks Girls. One of the twins (I have no idea which one but think it is Eleri) is at the front of the gathering with little Patch.

All in all everybody appeared to enjoy their Sunday constitutional which on their return was followed by a hot drink and home made cakes which were made by Jackie(sister of Teg who volunteers here) There was even someone who travelled from Liverpool to take part though I made the mistake of giving her Jim collie to join her on the walk and because he proved too much of a handful she was forced to return to base earlier than she had expected.Her journey however, was not in vain, Sue kindly stayed to serve refreshments to the walkers and did a very good job of it too. Far better than I would have done, I would have been too busy eating allthe cakes!
I am not sure what we have raised yet but will publish the sum in my blog as soon as all the sponsorship has been collected. I do know that Jackie Jones who works at Barclays Bank in Porthmadog and whose sponsorship will be matched by the Bank,has with the help of Trish at our charity shop in Port managed sponsorship of over £700 so that will mean £1,400 to come in which gives an almighty boost to the fund immediately. (Jackie is pictuired here with her dog Millie)I am so grateful to everybody who took part and helped raise much needed funds for the animals here and I will definitely make it an annual event .

In between all this going on we rehomed Jenny from The Pound who has gone to a couple from Yorkshire who have just lost their old rescued collie and admitted a very thin and hungry mother cat and newborn kittens(the ones from the shed in Anglesey) Fellow rescue helper Sandra who lives in Anglesey collected them and brought them over.As there is nowhere for them to go just yet, they have been made comfortable in my super refurbished bedroom - which I myself have not yet inhabited! Oh well needs must, their need is greater than mine. Unlike me they will not mind having no curtains up!

Tomorrow they will have a foster home to go to, mum is a dark tortoishell young female who is absolutely ravenous. I dont know how she has managed to feed her babies though Sandra told me one had died this morning - Not Surprising considering her poor condition, hope the remainder,of which there are 6 , survive the trauma of the move and mum does not reject them
As well as this little family another litter of kittens were admitted though have had to be kept in isolation due to the sniffling of 2 other kittens.I thought it was all cleared but then these two started so it should be another week before we are clear.

Shelter life definitely has its highs and lows.Yesterday I was quite low over a problem involving staffing of our Llandudno shop, I was worried all last night about it but then today was so nice, it made me feel a whole lot better about things. No problem is insurmountable, just sometimes it can seem that way.

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