Saturday, 30 May 2009

William the Wonderdog gets in the frame again!

I had an afternoon off yesterday and went to see the Osprey chicks at the RSPB site near Porthmadog.Its 2 years since I went and this year three chicks have hatched, the oldest is 2 weeks old.Its wonderful to see them so clearly on the webcam they have set up and I will go again before the family take off on their flight to Africa How on earth do they do find their way?Its so amazing that the youngsters will make that journey on their own for the first time and will somehow arrive at the correct destination.How do they do it, if I could only find out, I would never again get lost 10 minutes from the shelter, why do they make these diversions? Show me the same route time and time again and I will find my way, just one diversion throws me out completely.
Millie and Timmy have gone to their new home in Scotland and I have just received a call to say they have reached home safely and the two seem happy and excited to be exploring their new digs.There is always a certain sense of relief when we hear that news. When animals have not had happy lives before they arrive at a shelter, it becomes their place of safety, a place where they experience only kindness and comfort and very often they do not want to leave and show signs of distress when they are driven away.This is heartrending but when we hear that they are well and happy, well thats what it is all about.We can relax - until the next time.
A new dog is admitted, Purdey is 6 years old, a funny mix of greyhound, collie and dalmation but she has a very kind temperament and seems to love the company of the other dogs.her problem was chasing cars, her owners did not have secure fencing round their garden and children who left doors open constantly.If that is her only problem, a home with secure fencing should be all she needs.Otherwise she is perfect. Purdey wil be fostered out until a home is found.
It has been so hot today, everyone, staff and animals alike are finding it hard going though I personally love it, it can never be hot enough for me.Wish it was like this every day.The horses are drinking loads, its been a full time job keeping the water containers filled.The pigs like their mud baths on days like this, I tried to get a photo but none turned out well, wil try again tomorrow.
We have decided to make another entrance in one of the fields so that the ponies in the adjoining field have access to the field shelter, pictured is the work in the next field is old Ross who is in his late twenties, a pony who gave great pleasure to his young owners but was retired here when he became too old to ride.Although his owner was a doctor and hardly on the breadline we never heard from her again and no donation was ever sent to help with his keep. Even a request for a new winter rug was ignored. Such is life at an animal shelter.I dont know why I continue to be surprised. In the background is William another elderly pony, at least his owner rang to see how he was settling in.Most never do.William, our mascot and my own beloved dog accompanied me on the photo shoot and as always managed to find his way into one of the pictures.The ponies are so used to seeing him they take no notice, he is so good with other animals round the shelter.Of course he can do no wrong in my eyes, he is William the Wonderdog. That is not, however, what the girls call him when he barking to share their biscuits at teabreak. I cant repeat what they actually do call him but I know they all love him really!


pamela said...

How disgusting that Ross's previous owners having had the pony for the best years of his life for their own riding pleasure, cant be bothered to fund his comfort just a little in his old age. If he was local , I wouldnt be able to resist shaming the Doctor by appealing through the local rag for sponsorship from a local firm for his coat (emblazoned with their firms name I suppose) and innocently dropping in the name of his previous owner as not having stumped up for one.

Janice Gillett said...

I agree with you Pamela, humans are a selfish race.

lesley said...

Thanks to both of you for making these comments, glad to know that its not just me that becomes angry and Janice I am sure you have also found disillusionment with people getting rid of animals at your sanctuary over the years. Love to all your piggies,.
By the way love your idea Pamela, I agree totally that such owners need to be shamed.A little donation or help goes a long way.