Saturday, 9 May 2009

Big Buster is looking well.

Mei and Barbara went to check on the welfare of our beautiful big Buster and Abby who went to a home locally a couple of years ago.Both looked well and content, we miss them a lot particularly Buster who is a big gentle giant and was the largest horse we have had here at the shelter, he was over 17 hands.He had been admitted because he had a clumsy gait and was useless for anyone wanting to do more than light hacking with him.His owner no longer wanted him but her loss was our gain and subsequently he found a home where he is appreciated.We could not get a photo of Abby who was miles away in the fields and was completely disinterested in coming over to see her old friends.Thats gratitude for you!
People turned up here with a large shaggy dog which looks as if he has Briard in him, according to them he has been wandering around an estate for a month and nobody knows who owns him.We have named him Bradley, he seems bewildered and although at first glance he looked in excellent condition, he does have flea exczema down his back and has a few matted bits in his coat, not bad ones but indicative of the fact he has not been a well cared for pet.At first he was a bit growly but today he has given me his paw and a few kisses so I think he was just scared.His eyes look a bit faded, Rhian thinks he has the beginnings of catarats and Im inclined to agree so he may be older than first thought.
Meg has been to the vet and her heart is fine, no signs of a heart murmer so I was being paranoid.That is good news for her, she can be spayed soon and put up for adoption. heidi lurcher has been homed today and Sally collie is going Tuesday, there is someone interested in the two jack russells so I am going to do a homecheck today.If nobody claims them by tomorrow I will have them neutered next week and into this home pending the homecheck passing.So it is going well for the dogs but still quiet for the cats though receiving plenty of calls from people wanting to part with them.
Max the pretty red and white collie has left us too, he has gone off to live in Nottinmgham with another rescued collie(and the owners of course) I am still bemused by the success we are experiencing homing dogs via the internet and the success of the homechecks too.Only a few have failed the home visits.
I have had a call this morning asking me to take a 12 months old colt whose mother has died.At this age he is independent enough to feed himself but guess what, the owner is the same farmer who brought Shamrock here as a 2 week old orphaned foal! How many of their horses die on the hills? It is heartbreaking but I suspect this happens all the time with the welsh mountain ponies which are turned out on the mountainsides.It happens to sheep too, these youngsters are just the ones we hear about and I prefer to remain civil with the farmers no matter what my personal feelings may be if it means I can save the foals from experiencing the same life.
Fortunately there is enough room for him to join the other 3 colts so we are waiting to hear when he will be delivered, it will be today or tomorrow.
After saying no cats were going we have had a reservation for the beautiful longhaired tortie and white Sami and Felis a 6 years old black and white cat which has been here for 6 months. So not so bad after all.
It is freezing here today and the office is cold too in spite of the heater being on for Tara our resident collie so I am off to the house for a warming cup of tea.

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