Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Gel has an xray .

Gel, the ex farm collie has been to the vet for an xray on his hips and back, the results show that he has had an old injury and one hip socket is worn away so badly that a false joint has developed there. He probably will not need an operation but will need to have restricted exercise and will be on pain killers permanently.Poor old Gel, also his age is nearer 8 years than the 3 years told us by his owner. He must have been in pain for a long time,no wonder he was so downcast and dispirited when he first arrived.Not only had he become depressed due to his lifestyle but he was also in pain. Thank goodness he was rescued from his life on a chain and has a good quality of pain free life ahead of him now.He may even have a home in sunny Bournemouth once we can organise his transport there.
I heard that Alfred the cross deerhound lurcher has settled in well with his new people but photographs they sent me seem to have gone astray so they are sending some more.I am really looking forward to seeing them, its so good to hear that our animals are doing well especially when they have had a poor start in life.
The Sunday People featured some longterm dogs from our Liverpool sheltere but in spite of several phone calls. none have yet been found suitable owners.Most of them are not good with other dogs or young children and this is a major problem to most people out to choose another pet.What a shame this has brought such a poor result.
An emaciated tabby cat has been admitted today and looks suspiciously like a cat we rehomed a few years ago, however we did not microchip until last year so there is no way of tracing him/his owner.Perhaps I can find his record if I can remember the name he was given here.He is a very longhaired cat but his coat is in poor condition and matted in places.In spite of his extreme thinness he does not seem hungry which indicates there is another problem underlying, maybe kidney failure or a dental problem, he will have to go to the vet tomorrow.
The kittens we were expecting in did not arrive and I made several calls to the owners of both litters but neither had the decency to call me back so the two pens we had set up for them have sat empty all week.Do people not think we have to make preparations for their animals? I should be used to it by now but it still galls me that we go out of our way to help and are treated with total disrespect.Well thats my rant for the day over!!( actually I have another later so if you dont want to hear anymore stop reading NOW)
Speaking of the day the weather here is lovely today and as always its a pleasure to take the dogs out and to survey the surrounding countryside.The fields are becoming greener thanks to the plentiful rain we have experienced recently, the spring flowers are shooting up(as well as the dreaded ragwort)the sea looks calm and the fery can be seen making its way from Holyhead to Dublin. We have some wonderful views in this area.Sometimes I walk to the very top of our property where the main herd grazes and from up there the view is amazing. The only downside is that there is a pack of foxhounds living in kennels adjoining our land and I hate to see them cooped up.I try not to disturb them as they become so excited and start barking and howling. Of course my horrid neighbour does not ever complain about THEM baying and howling though the noise is extremely loud with 20 plus hounds all kicking off at once. I suspect he does not dare to complain about them, he would have all the local farmers and rough terrier men against him then and the man is a bully and a coward when all is said and done.Far easier to pick on women or old people.
Thats my second and last rant of the day! Honestly it really is!

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