Sunday, 17 May 2009

Tribute to Dulan

There is a cloud over us all today after hearing that Meis father died this morning.Dulan did a lot of work here at the shelter and was the person responsible for erecting and repairing most of the fencing here.We will all miss his banter and good humour , he was quite a character who liked to be always busy . Only a few days ago he came up to the shelter one evening to join Mei walking the dogs.He was liked by everybody and we will really miss him.

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rosie said...

he was a lovely man, ha saw us walking the ponies down on monday (Nearer six miles than two lesley !) . On being told where we were heading, his response was, " well i hope you get there before next week! I did suggest that he loaded us all into his car, but he wasn't too keen...!
We are all very sorry, and are thinking about his family at this sad time