Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Colt arrives and 3 cats reserved.

The colt has arrived and how neglected he is too.He is full of worms, his feet desperately need a trim and his coat is very dull and in poor condition.We have named him Finn. He has not been handled so is very shy of humans, typical of those ponies turned out on the hillsides. I will post another photo in a month when he is looking better. Now there are 4 youngsters who need their bits off soon, a nice job for our vet to look forward to.
Two black cats have been reserved today and as the black ones are the most difficult to rehome we are all delighted. I forgot to mention that Louis the handsome grey and white cat(pictured here) rehomed not long ago was returned the follwing day! He was not getting on with their other cat and in spite of explaining that they would need more time to get used to each other I was obliged to take him back.He has been reserved again by a lady in Southport and this time there are no other pets in the house. Having said that he has never shown aggression to the cats with whom he shares his pen at the shelter.People sometimes forget that any move can stress an animal and can cause changes in behaviour.When everything is so unfamiliar some animals can become defensive and even show unusual aggression towards people and other animals.
Also picture is a permanent resident cat here called Felix, he is a beautiful natured animal, loves everybody and has never ever shown any signs of aggression, however 4 years ago when he had not been at the shelter for very long, we rehomed him only to have him returned the following day.To our amazement he had lashed out at the children and was quite aggressive.We decided then to keep him here and to this day he has never once drawn his claws or shown that type of behaviour, visiting children love him and we feel perfectly happy about him meeting all visitors.He has moved into the house now and spends his evenings on the sofa with the Maggie Marthas and William, plus any other cats which have managed to sneak in!!!!
Little Grace the Jack Russell stray and her companion Will were not claimed,the homecheck for them passed and Grace has gone to her new home but we will be taking her to be spayed Wednesday.They live in the village so no doubt we will see her being walked around the village, they are coming to see Will tomorrow and we are hoping he will touch their hearts too.

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