Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ruby finds a home after two years.and the terriers homecheck passes

We had another offer of free summer grazing for the horses so mei and I went along to check it out. It was ideal and we are thinking of sending Callie, Freddy and Ken. The daughter of the lady who rang me has promised she will put on the horses rugs if the weather changes for the worst but there are plentiful trees around for them to shelter under.The land is right next to Caernarfon Bay and the views were wonderful - not that the horses will appreciate them!. Quite frankly I was wondering whether I could move there and leave the horses here.Not only were the fields good for the horses but their garden was incredible and I was open mouthed with envy. I do become envious of other peoples gardens when they are beautifully laid out, there is no chance of mine being like that, only the hardiest plants withstand Mollys big feet.I did a very stupid thing a few years ago(well actually theres been plenty more before and since!)I had a brainwave, I would buy some trellis fencing to keep Molly and the other dogs off the plants. When I returned with it , Mei burst into hysterical laughter.It was just two feet high and was clearly not going to be any sort of deterrent for a Great dane.In my stupidity I thought the mere sight of the fence albeit a small one would stop her from wandering on to the newly planted shrubs.Of course she simply stepped over it and commenced to flatten everything in sight.Not one of my better ideas.
Well the good news this week has to be the rehoming of Ruby, the little black cat pictured here who has been here 2 years.Nobody has ever looked at her , she is shy and does not sell herself at all.Supporters of ours from Stoke came to visit and bring us animal bedding and food they collect for us, they have adopted several cats from the shelter and they brought a friend with them who has also adopted cats from us.This time, however, she was determined not to take another, half an hour later she was on her way home with Ruby! We were all so thrilled that finally she has found someone to take pity on her, I hear she is in hiding at her new home, she will be very distressed for a while but it will be lovely for her once she settles.
Clare who is fostering a mother cat and her kittens has sent me a photo of them(pictured here) These kittens are only 2 weeks of age so will,not be ready for another 5 weeks.They look very content, when the kittens are old enough we will bring them here and spay mum ready for her to be adopted.
The homecheck has passed for the two terriers Millie and Timmy so they will be leaving us on Saturday. We are all becoming very fond of these two so the sooner they go the better, even those who are not keen on Jack Russells have fallen in love with them, their natures are so lovely, there is no nastiness or nippiness in either of them and it is hard to undersatnd why one is an unclaimed stray and the other unwanted after being kept outside in a kennel all her life. They are real lapdogs and will have a marvellous new life ahead of them now.

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